About THE SPRINGS Event Venues and Our History

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About THE SPRINGS Event Venues

THE SPRINGS’ main goal is to design, build and manage the ideal elegant wedding venues and event facilities in Texas and Oklahoma. We have grown into the premier wedding venue, with a strong reputation for creating extraordinary environments for wedding, wedding receptions, corporate events, and all other types of parties.

“Our Texas and Oklahoma Wedding Venues are built in prime locations each with their own unique atmosphere.”


Our goal is very simple; create backdrops that enhance the natural beauty and functionality of the location with our signature rustic yet elegant features and facilities so you can create beautiful memories that will last forever.  THE SPRINGS event venues have enough space to handle large events while still maintaining a quiet and intimate setting. This allows each ceremony or event to be extra special and unique according to your desires.

THE SPRINGS offers several wedding venues throughout the Houston, Dallas, Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas. Whether your needs center on a small private wedding or a large exciting corporate event, THE SPRINGS various event venue locations are dedicated to providing our clients with ideal venues and accommodations.

Special Event Venues for YOUR Memories

THE SPRINGS’ goal is to design, build and manage ideal elegant wedding venues and special event facilities.

THE SPRINGS has a clear mission to provide families and organizations with ideal environments to celebrate life’s special moments.

We want our clients to create lasting memories within our Texas-Style wedding and event facilities. To achieve this we strive to provide an extensive list of amenities and accommodations while connecting you with the best local vendors, and above all, providing a laid back, DIY capabilities so you can enjoy these moments while saving precious dollars.

We offer thoughtful, friendly and helpful people who understand the individual needs of the events. They are ready to assist individuals ranging from brides to business owners, and are adaptable to any special occasion. Our venues are designed and created to promote enjoyment and relaxation. This particular style eliminates stress and allows each participant to enjoy every moment of the occasion.  THE SPRINGS venues and their amenities are always clean and safe.

Being a family owned business, THE SPRINGS focuses on treating our clients as if they were a part of our very own family.

We pride ourselves on our extensive list of service vendors who are familiar with our venues and can assist you with your entire event planning needs.

We interview and enthusiastically recommend these vendors. THE SPRINGS are confident in their ability to provide professional, honest, and uncompromising service.





THE SPRINGS is continuously expanding, which has given us the opportunity to provide our beautiful venues and top of line services throughout the Houston, and Dallas areas. We’ve expanded into Oklahoma with locations near Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

It is our pleasure to host your timeless event and offer you first class services and accommodations. For more information about THE SPRINGS or its amenities, please contact us today.

The History of THE SPRINGS

THE SPRINGS event venues was born in 2009 at a kitchen table with 5 guys in a small Central Texas city. Having participated in several weddings, we all felt that there was a gap in the wedding industry for simple, yet rustic and elegant special event venues.  Sure, there were a lot of venues popping up everywhere, but none seemed to look beyond their own back yard.  We felt that if we could model the building just right, and create and maintain a beautiful backdrop for couples to create their wedding memories together, we would be able to capture a niche that had not been reached.

THE SPRINGS event venuesAt first we considered using the wedding venue as a launching pad for diving into other wedding and reception needs, but we quickly learned that we would stick to where we felt our expertise lie, which meant building and operating only the venue.  With the building, we learned that every bride needs a WOW moment, that moment that takes everyone’s breath away as the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle as all her guests turn to get the first glimpse of this magical moment. We quickly realized that a WOW moment needed a WOW spot. We needed a water feature, hence the Springs was born in The Springs Events.

A couple more big decisions-First, how we managed vendor selections. With the desire to give the brides the freedom to choose, we decided to allow all clients, with absolutely no strings attached, to use vendors from lists that we would offer or allow them to choose their own. Second, we knew weddings cost a lot of money and each of us appreciate small payments for large purchase items, so we determined that we wanted to allow clients to create their own payment plans, thereby easing some of the financial stress that can be placed on bride and groom, and oftentimes, mom and dad of bride and groom. Being dads ourselves with daughters, we knew we appreciated that and felt brides and grooms and their parents would as well.

The next question-where do we start our first ‘Springs’ location? After doing research, we decided the best area to start was Houston.  We found that young Houstonian brides liked the idea of a rustic venue, but just could not find one in Houston.  After looking for months, wouldn’t you know that we wound up purchasing the very first property we located at the beginning of the search just south of Conroe in Montgomery, TX. To capture the ultimate rustic effect, we decided to build our first facility with pine wood. We named it Amber Springs, now THE SPRINGS in Lake Conroe.

We have been so fortunate to add several more venues in Texas, and even going beyond the Texas borders into neighboring states. Since that day several years ago at a kitchen table, what makes us smile the most is seeing the pictures and especially the videos, we love the videos, of couples celebrating such a beautiful start to their lives together and we feel honored that they chose a ‘Springs’ venue.

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