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Grow with us and earn 12% return on your investment.

Our History:  Since our first venue in 2009, we have grown into 20 operating venues at 12 locations.  We are in 3 markets currently:  Houston, DFW, and Oklahoma, with 5 venue styles:  Ranch, Manor, Tuscan, Lodge & Farmhouse.

Our Future:  Since 2012, we have opened 3 new venues every year and plan to move into new markets with a strategic growth plan.  Our five-year goal is to operate 50 venues as the Wedding Venue Experts.

Our Promise:  We have offered an investor program since 2009 with 100% of investments returned on time, every time.  We offer a 12% return.  Learn more about growing with us as a SPRINGS investor.

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“I have invested three times with The Springs Events, LLC starting in 2014.  I am a semi-active investor who was looking to diversify a part of my portfolio away from the stock market.  I remember fondly the dedication Larry and his family put into building their first property and I like to brag to the friends and family that I encourage to invest with them that there are a few nails in the beautiful wood floors that are holding fast due to my “sweat equity” in the property so many years ago!

The Spring Events investor relations personnel have always helped me feel a part of their tremendous growth and I consistently receive quick and open communication on any aspect of my investments.  The Spring Events is certainly my most gratifying investment, and one I have happily increased with time.  A big thanks to all of the dedicated employees at the Spring Events wedding venues for keeping a sense of family and honest values at the core of all they do!” 

-Trevor Aitken, SPRINGS Investor

“I learned of the Springs Events investment opportunity in early 2012 from a friend of the Kruzie family.  After attending one of their Open House events and meeting founder, Larry Kruzie, I decided to invest in March 2012 and continue to do so.  I have been impressed with the attention-to-detail on the beautiful facilities, the booking history of the venues, and the work ethic of the Kruzie family and staff.”

-Karen Taylor, SPRINGS Investor

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