December 2013 Quick Contest

THE SPRINGS Event Venue Holiday 2013 Giveaway


Welcome to the start of the 1 week Holiday Contest from THE SPRINGS………


Find this image somewhere within THE SPRINGS website and enter to win:


A $50.00 Amazon Gift Card


Here is an explanation of the contest and how to enter.


The giveaway will run from December 16th 2013 to the afternoon of December 20th 2013.  We will be giving away a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card to the lucky winner and will you have to do is find and click an image on our website.  We have placed an image somewhere deep within our site and you have a week to find it.

All you will need to do is submit your name and email to help us contact you to claim the prize.  The image will link to a page that will have a submission form to complete.

We will post the image on Monday morning through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ for people to start looking.

Every afternoon, we will post a clue as to where the image is, starting with a very vague clue, and progressively more specific to the location.

We will be using a weighted submission to help calculate the random drawing at the end.  What does this mean!??!  Well, if you find the image and submit your information on Monday, you will get 5 submissions.  Entering your name and email on Tuesday is worth 4 points, and so on, with Friday being worth just the one submission.

We will tally the votes in the afternoon and announce the winner at 2PM central time to setup claiming your prize.