Great Wedding Giveaway FAQs

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Who can enter?

Only one or both of the people getting married can enter.  Other family members and friends can support you by voting.

Can I enter if I want another event besides a wedding or to renew my vows?

Yes; If you would like to enter to use the venue for a party or special event, there can only be one entrant.  For example: everyone attending the party will not be able to submit an entry, but they can vote.  While renewing your vows would be considered the same rules, so both of the people getting married can enter if desired.

Can I and the person I am marrying both enter?

Short answer:  Yes. Keep in mind we will not merge any entries, so they will be separate and competing entries.

How do I get extra points for Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Pinterest?

Please read the official rules for the dates in which you need to interact on the social outlets

I haven’t received all of my additional entries/votes. Where are they?

Some additional entries will not be immediate.  Please wait up to 2 weeks for these to appear.  Votes from other individuals should always be immediate.

Can I use the tour QR code and/or upload a video from multiple locations for additional entries ?

While you are welcome to tour more than one location, entrants will not be able to use the QR code or video uploader more than once.

I did a tour with a code am I already entered?

All additional entries build off of your base account.  Create this by going to one of THE SPRINGS’ Facebook pages (see the official rules for list).  We will be able to retroactively add points if you fill the QR code form or do social interactions first.

How can I gain 25 entries/points using Pinterest?

You can pin multiple images from our site, but will only get credit for one per entrant from this source:  If your Pinterest name doesn’t match your real name, use any contact form on the venues’ Facebook pages so that we can give you credit.  You may do this at any time before May 27, 2015. Any after won’t count, but are still appreciated.

One of my family members or friends isn’t able to vote. How come?

We want everyone to be able to vote.  First try and walk them through the process if they are unfamiliar with Facebook or a computer in general.  In the event that it still doesn’t help, please allow the person who is having the issue voting to contact us through the contact form on the Facebook page.  In most cases, individuals may have a computer setting enabled or outdated browsers which don’t play well with the application canvas page.  We cannot accommodate the application canvas page for every possible computer setting allowed, but we will try and help everyone who wants to vote or enter to do so.

How are the winners chosen?

The winners are chosen at random from all entries/votes.  Votes and extra entries allow a greater chance of winning.

I entered last year. Will I be able to use that entry?

We do not have your previous entry saved in a format that is easy for us to add.  You can re-enter your entry from last year in the event that your wedding date fits into this year’s timeline of weddings happening from July 2015 or later.  Votes from last year will not count towards this year’s contest.  You will still receive additional entries for reused stories or photos uploaded.

Can I change my story or photo once submitted?

Once the entry is submitted you will not be able to change the image or story.  If you have a misspelling or wording you would like changed, or if you didn’t upload a photo/story on initial submission, please use the contact form on any of the Facebook pages and we will be able to adjust it for you from the back end.

Can I get extra entries by having my friends/family help with the time sensitive options?

The only time sensitive option that others can help with is the photo/image hunt on the website.  They can help you look but the form will need to be completed by a bride or groom.


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