GWVG Photo Search

Great Wedding Venue Giveaways

Gain MORE entries online for the Great Wedding Venue Giveaway from The Springs Events.

Worth a 50 maximum entries, we are going to offer another photo hunt.


This time we are going to give you clues.  You will gain more entries the quicker you find the image.

We are using a tiered system for this.

What this means is that finding the image on the website before the first clue is revealed will earn 50 extra entries into the Great Wedding Venue Gieaway.

Clues will be given out on:

  • Sunday May 3rd
  • Tuesday May 5th
  • Thursday May 7th

 Finding the picture from:

  • Thursday-Saturday is worth 35
  • Saturday-Monday 25
  • After the final clue Monday: 15 entries

The hints will get progressively more specific to where the image is place on The Springs Events website.

When you find the image, click it and just fill out a simple form on another page so we can match your information.

We will then look at when you submitted the image and give the appropriate number of entries.

The winner of the contest will chosen by random draw on July 1, 2015.

The more entries that you have, the better your chances.