GWVG Picture Hunt


The Springs Events is offering 250 entries for The Great Wedding Venue Giveaway.

Here’s how this works:

previewThe picture to the right is placed somewhere on the website.  It could be on one of locations pages… it could be in a gallery… in a blog post…

The only way to gain these entries is to find the picture. 

This picture links to a page where you can enter your name and email address, which will help us make sure that you are getting all the entries you deserve.

One thing can be assured, and that is that the photo is somewhere on the site.  Normally, we would give you clues at the end of each day to help guide you to the picture.

That’s not the case this time!

There are going to be NO CLUES given.

That’s why it is worth a large bulk of entries.  The only way to get more entries at one time is to go on a tour!

Please browse through the website and get a feel for our rustic and elegant wedding venues and reception halls.  We also have a ton of information in our blog!  Read the official rules of the Great Wedding Giveaway or enter on Facebook.


We are keeping this photo hunt open until June 30th.