Corporate Parties

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Corporate Parties

One of THE SPRINGS’ biggest draws is its magnificent natural environment.

We carefully sculpts the area to provide a gorgeous backdrop without being overwhelming. You can make your parties as casual or formal as you like, from refined wedding ceremonies and receptions to casual graduation parties or a work party that is somewhere in between.

  • The spacious hall provides plenty of room to eat, drink, mingle, dance, make speeches or presentations and have fun.
  • Made from solid wood and stone, the hall enlivens the old-world charm of the Texas countryside and creates a clean, elegant background for you to place your party décor or theme.
  • THE SPRINGS features a number of subtle and distinctive architectural elements and design features that imbibe a natural atmosphere of grace and refinement.
  • From the glossy wood floors to the high stone columns and paved pathways, THE SPRINGS presents a wide space to explore and enjoy.
  • You and your guests can take beautiful pictures to remember the special day, set up food and drinks to start the evening, or host a fabulous outdoor party to enjoy Texas’s rich natural landscape.

THE SPRINGS strives to make every event beautiful and enjoyable. With organizational tools, seating charts, check-lists and other features available, THE SPRINGS makes event planning easy and stress-free. When you take a tour of the grounds, you can see all of the areas available to you beforehand and start planning right away.

THE SPRINGS staff can answer any questions you have as you develop your event and help you find the perfect vendors for your parties.

We understand how important it is to make your guests feel comfortable and to make your event memorable. We work with you to help you find everything you need. Whether you are planning a very special event years in advance or you are running on a short schedule and you need to start planning fast, THE SPRINGS can help.

Whatever schedule you are working with, your event will look gorgeous and all of your elements will come together successfully.

You can find recommended vendors to help jump-start planning and make sure your food, entertainment, décor and every element of your party is reliable, on-time and high-quality.

  • THE SPRINGS also provides flexible payment plans to make preparations easy and stress-free.
  • All costs associated with your venue reservation are provided to you upfront, so there are no hidden fees, extras or surprises.
  • THE SPRINGS makes event planning as easy and organized as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying your parties and less time worrying over details and budgets.
  • If there are no prior reservations before the day of your event, you can even set up in advance to everything will be ready for you.
  • When your event is finished, THE SPRINGS offers free clean-up services so you don’t have to lift a finger.