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1950 County Rd 220 Angleton,TX 77515 - (936) 446-7887

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THE SPRINGS wedding venue Norman Oklahoma

We are excited to announce two premier wedding venues south of Houston in Angleton, Texas.

When you start your search for a Houston Wedding Venue, we do not want you to over look THE SPRINGS' Sycamore Hall and Magnolia Manor. You get two distinctly different styles of venue to visit when you take a tour at our Angleton Texas location. When looking for a traditional style hall, look no further than our Sycamore Hall. If you are looking for a distinct stylized grand manor, than Magnolia Manor and it surround landscape, makes the ideal picturesque reception hall to host your wedding event.


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Both beauty and functionality allow our wedding venue in Angleton, Texas, to cater to the ideal environment for any occasion.

THE SPRINGS employs a professional staff dedicated to outstanding service and proper communication in order to execute receptions and events with ease.

Incredible amenities combined with an elegant, yet rustically beautiful country atmosphere leads to an ideal backdrop to enhance your wedding reception.

Along with every one of our other venues, THE SPRINGS includes choices from the best local vendors, clean up services and professional care.

THE SPRINGS key location and breathtaking design are in high demand. With so many Houston Wedding Venue locations to chose from, THE SPRINGS in Angleton will wow your guest with it's classic charm and do it yourself nature.

Please email to schedule a tour today or fill out the form and we will be in contact with you shortly!

THE SPRINGS in Angleton - Houston Wedding Venue