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We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with All Seated to create a better user experience for you during your event planning.

Ready to get started?

Follow along with these 8 tips or watch the short 2-min tutorial video below.

  1.  Head over to allseated and click the sign up button at the top.
  2.  Select the Host option, from the menu, as you are the one hosting your party!
  3.  Sign up using your favorite email address & create a password.  Save it somewhere!
  4.  After you see the welcome notification, you will see a spot to select “new event”.  Pick an Event type, give your event a name (ex: Smith / Jones Wedding), and pick the date of your event.. click “create“!
  5. In the next window, hover over your newly-created event name “Smith / Jones Wedding” and “select” it.
  6. Click on “Add Venue” and in the window field, type: “The Springs“… select us from the options!
  7. All Seated At the tabs at the top, click on “Seating“.  In the left column, you’ll see Floorplans, select “NEW” under that tab.
  8.  Select “Venue Hall” and check off your SPRINGS venue.  Add a new for your floorplan. Create multiple layouts and save them with different names.
  9. Click “finish” at the bottom.
  10. Once your floor plan is ready, select the layouts Orange Tab at the top. Now from the drop down named VIEW, select venue objects. This displays what tables and chairs that THE SPRINGS has for offer.

2-Minute Tutorial Video

A little later on, we will cover some of the more advance features of All Seated and what it can do to make your day easier.

Ready to send your layout to your venue manager?

  • Go to the TAB “Seating”
    • On the menu at the top, click on the Adobe icon to “Save Layout as a PDF”
    • Select “Letter” from the drop-down menu & title your file.
    • Email as an attachment – put your last names & date in the email subject line, done!
  • 1-minute tutorial video:  How to Send Seating Layout to your Venue Manager 

Advanced Features:

  • Visit the Tutorial Page on All Seated to manage these advanced features:
    • Guest List Management
      • Contact / Address List
      • RSVP’s
      • Meal Planning
    • Assigned Guest Seating
    • Linked Events (managing other wedding events)
      • Rehearsal Dinner
      • Bridal Shower
      • Brunch
    • Details:  Timelines
      • Ceremony Timeline
      • Reception Timeline
    • Inviting a Planner
    • Inviting a Caterer
    • Assigning Plated Dinners by Individual Seats
    • Rotating tables
    • Merging tables (combining two 8′ rectangular tables to make a large banquet)

Need assistance?

  • On the right-side of your screen, click on “Live Chat” to get assistance from an All Seated representative while you’re in the platform.
  • View the Tutorials for “How to” videos.
  • Free Webinars (require sign up) & are less than 30 minutes each for those who want more in-depth training.
    1. Getting Started
    2. Mastering AllSeated
    3. Guest Lists and Seating
  • Your venue manager at THE SPRINGS is happy to help you with questions about your contract & what quantities are available or for venue logistics questions.  For assistance with the actual platform or for “how to” use the platform to create your seating plan, please open the Live Chat function- All Seated is very quick to respond!

Reminder:  THE SPRINGS Tables & Chairs

  • (40) 60″ round tables
  • (6) 8′ rectangular tables
  • (2) 6′ rectangular tables
  • (2) 30″ round tables (“sweetheart”)
  • NEW (5) 33″ round cocktail tables
  • (320) white chairs
  • (320) dark chairs
  • *(6) wooden parson tables   (*Note:  Please refer to your contract regarding placement and items not allowed on these handmade, wooden tables.)

Download: Measurements – Tables & Chairs & Linen Guide