Bridal Garage Sales

Get More With THE SPRINGS: BRIDALGARAGESALES.COM offers used decor, picture frames, and more.

So why start a website to sell used bridal items? Well we really wanted to offer our brides the opportunity to find items that they might not find anywhere else. Bi-annually many of THE SPRINGS locations host a bridal garage sale at their locations, that have great turn out. Some of these are so popular that they are out growing our facilities and the items are sold out in under two hours. So we decided to create a way for these used bridal items to be shared on a board that allows for bride to bride communication.

used bridal items

We offer this site to the bridal community in a way that is easy to use and free of charge. Really, free? Yes of course! We wanted to make sure that your event is the perfect memory for you, and finding gently used bridal items at deep discounted prices can really put a smile on your face. But not everything is always used, sometimes people buy an item with the intention of using it and change their mind during the setup on the day of the event.

So when your event is over and you settle back into your home, what do you do with the remaining items? Well Head on over to and click on user guide in the menu. This will walk you through everything needed to get started with selling your items.

Browse and Buy

You don’t need an account to browse items, just contact a seller or buy an item; just take a look around and contact anyone you want. However, if you sign up for an account, we will be able to keep you in the loop (via newsletters) about what’s available and newly listed.

Find an item you like and send a private message to the seller directly on that page.

Find items close to home or across the country

Pay with a secure payment option. We only recommend PayPal or because they protect both the buyer and the seller. Both services offer strong protection in the event that an item isn’t shipped or isn’t as described when it arrives, giving you complete peace of mind.

Using PayPal: Both buyer and seller set up PayPal accounts and seller “requests money” from buyer.
Using Both buyer and seller set up Escrow accounts, and either the buyer or seller initiates the transaction.

Seller ships item using her own shipping supplies.

So Go ahead and head on over to and take a look around.