GUIDE | Wedding Head Tables + Sweetheart Tables

Ready to start working on your AllSeated wedding floor plan?
First things first – HEAD TABLE or SWEETHEART TABLE

What’s the difference between a wedding head table and sweetheart table? How should they be set up? What about the placement of these tables in the room? Let’s talk!

A head table is a table at which the bride, groom, and wedding party (both bridesmaids and groomsmen) are seated + a sweetheart table is a smaller table at which only the bride and groom are seated.


If you decide upon a head table, we suggest utilizing 6-ft and 8-ft tables in your setup (both provided by THE SPRINGS). 6-ft tables will seat 3 along each side and 8-ft tables will seat 4 along each side. Both sizes will seat 1 at either end. If you decide upon a sweetheart table – good news! All you need to do is choose which table you’d like to use. We recommend using a smaller table, as there will only be two people seated at it. Maybe a 33-in round or a 6-ft table (both provided by THE SPRINGS).


Either option (head table or sweetheart table) and just about every setup imaginable can be placed anywhere in the reception hall (on the stage, in front of the stage, by the staircase, down the middle of the room, etc.) See the guide below for photo examples of different setups and placements of both head tables and sweetheart tables. At THE SPRINGS, there’s not a bad seat in the house! Enjoy + remember… there is no wrong way to wedding!