Wedding Checklist

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Wedding Planning | Checklist

This is a 100% free 12-month Wedding Planning Checklist Template that can be completely customized.
You can use TRELLO on your desktop / laptop or with the TRELLO app on your phone or tablet.

Wedding Checklist - 12-Month Planner - Getting started planning a wedding

Wedding Checklist - 12-Month Planner

The TRELLO platform is super easy:

BOARD – The overall project.  (Ex:  Tom & Sue’s Wedding)
COLUMN – increments of time.  (Ex:  Time when the task is due)
CARDS- each task or “to-do” item.  (Ex:  Book a Caterer)

Wedding Checklist - 12-Month Planner

 Each card is a Wedding Planning Task:

Click on a card to view the  description, attachments, and checklists.

The description is an overview, tips, and links.
The attachments are PDF’s to download, photos, or examples.
The checklists are handy to keep you on track.

Wedding Checklist - 12-Month Planner- Trello

 Ready to get started Wedding Planning?

1. Open our 12-month Wedding Planning Checklist and let’s start planning!

2. Download an overview of all 12-month Wedding Planning Tasks here:
Wedding Planning Checklist – PDF

Wedding Checklist - 12-Month Planner- Trello