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The wedding cake is one of the most fun and delicious parts of the wedding to plan; from the initial tastings to planning each layer and designing the topper. The wedding cake is an opportunity to let your creative inspiration run wild. Whether you’re choosing to go traditional or trendy, your cake is going to be one of the top highlights at your wedding.

Did you know the tradition of the wedding cake started in medieval times when cakes were piled as high as possible? If the bride and groom could successfully kiss over the pile of cake without knocking it over, they were guaranteed a prosperous life together. Today, wedding cakes come in many forms – from grooms cake, to cupcakes, or even naked wedding cakes! The superstitions are no longer the same, but the wedding cake still symbolizes a beautiful future for the bride and groom.

San Antonio, Texas is home to some of the best wedding cakes we’ve ever seen! We must say, each cake that has been part of the weddings at Bella Springs and Boulder Springs has been absolutely gorgeous. The exquisite detail that is involved with each cake truly is a labor of love.

Check out some of the top wedding cakes from both Boulder Springs and Bella Springs in San Antonio. Looking for a cake artist to create the wedding cake of your dreams? The Springs Events loves working with Creations Cakes in Pleasanton, Sophie’s Bakery in Fredericksburg, or Cuppcakes in San Antonio. For a complete list of preferred vendors in the San Antonio area, click here.


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