Wedding Venue Tour Questions

50 Questions to ask at your next wedding venue tourYou’re newly engaged!  Yay!

You have a shiny new ring!  Yay!

Now to pick a venue and the date.

Discuss your top 3 dates, top 3 venue picks and your budget.  Now, let’s start the tours.


What can I expect at a tour?

Hopefully, you’ll be touring with the same person that you’ll be highly involved with over the course of your engagement.  Either a venue manager, an assistant manager or a venue coordinator.

Do you like this person and is it easy to communicate with him or her?  This seems like a no-brainer, but you’re about to be engaged (forgive or don’t forgive the pun) with them for almost a year with email communication, texts, and phone calls for all the stuff that comes up.  A

re they quick to respond and positive, full of energy, and truly devoted to making your dreams come true?

It’s so important to connect with this first point of contact because he or she will be a crucial part of your planning.

What to bring on a tour?  

A camera.  For sure.

You’ll want to take pictures from your own viewpoint of what’s important for you.

An open mind.

You may not see the venue on a wedding day, so it’s important to be able to picture an event in the space you tour.  Hopefully, the venue will have pictures of the space with a similar guest count as you anticipate to show you on your tour.

But most of all, being empowered and in-the-know about what to look for is the #1 thing to take on your tour.

And that’s the goal of this post.

To give you tips for what to look for & the most valuable questions to ask while on a wedding site tour.

Here are 7 Tips for Picking Your Perfect Venue

#1:  Venue Communication & Service

How has your experience been with getting answers quickly and completely while researching venues?  Are emails responded to promptly & personalized or are they mass responses?  Do you have a venue representative’s direct phone number or even cell phone?  Are you leaving voicemails or having to call multiple times?  Do you feel like just another contract or are you receiving friendly & personal service?  Make sure to read reviews- this will save you lots of headaches!

#2:  Size & Inclement Weather Plan

Get an estimated guest count and then find a venue that can accommodate guest tables, a dance area, your vendors & other auxiliary space (entertainment, DJ, the cakes, a beverage station, gift table, head table, etc). If the venue can only accommodate your guest count using outdoor space, you will want to add the cost of renting a tent in case of bad weather. Tents can be pricey!  Ask the venue for pictures of “bad weather” wedding days & make sure you’re comfortable with the back up plan.

#3:  Venue Hours

How many hours will you be allowed to use the venue without having to pay for additional hours? Typically, a wedding lasts 5-6 hours (1hr arrival & ceremony, 1hr cocktail hour & photos, 1hr dinner and 2-3hr reception for a total of six hours). However, you must also account for setup and breakdown. You will want to set aside a minimum of 5hrs for setup and 1hr for breakdown. Therefore, you will want to have access to the venue for a minimum of 12 hours.  Also, find out what restrictions you have to visit the venue ahead of your wedding- are site visits allowed and will you be able to use the venue for photo sessions without a fee?

#4:  Venue Restrictions

Find out the venue restrictions. Are you required to vacate the place by 10 PM? Do you need to hire security? Do you need to hire a cleaning crew? When does the music end?  Do you need to have your own insurance?  Are permits required? Etc… The easiest way to avoid any problems is to ask the venue rep in an email or on your tour, “What are your venue restrictions?” Ask for a copy of the contract!

#5:  Venue Facilities

Although it may sound like a no brainer, you need to find out if the venue provides electricity, AC/Heating, parking, restrooms, cleaning, trash dumpsters, trash cans, elevator use, tables and chairs. Also find out if the kitchen is large enough to accommodate a catering team. Will you be required to clean the restrooms? Will you have to clean and mop the entire venue?  Is furniture set up included?  Break down the furniture at the end of the night included?  What is the damage deposit & is it a charge or an authorization / check- also, when is the damage deposit due?

#6:  Bridal & Groom Suites

Does the venue have a bridal suite with private restroom, dressing area, mirrors, hooks, enough space for bridesmaids, etc…? Does the venue offer a groom’s room with tv, couches, table, private restroom? If these are not provided you will need to rent hotel rooms nearby.  Also, are these suites open to you the entire duration of your rental or only for set times?

#7:  Vendor Restrictions

Are you required to use their vendors such as floral, caterers, day of coordinator, or buy alcohol through the venue, etc.? Being forced to use in-house vendors could increase the cost of your wedding by thousands of dollars.  Be sure to ask about alcohol, where many fees are often incurred through pricing per guest, corkage fees, mark-ups on the product, etc.

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The Springs Events 50 Questions to Ask on a Wedding Venue Tour  & a checklist to compare The Springs Events to your other top two venue choices to tour.  Take them with you on your site visits!

TSE 50 Venue Questions to Ask on a Venue Tour

TSE- Checklist to compare venues and a list of tips for picking your perfect wedding venue

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Written by Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson

Audrey is our VP of Marketing at THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Manager at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has hosted hundreds of weddings.

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