Everyone is trying to be as original as they can when it comes to their wedding, and especially when it comes to desserts.  There are a few great wedding dessert ideas hat are often overlooked but if put together in the right way, they can really make your personalities and your wedding dessert table pop!

 wedding dessert cake pops

Pie Bar – Who doesn’t love a great slice of pie? You can choose to go with a  more seasonal menu… for example, if you are planning a fall wedding, be sure that pumpkin pie is represented.  However have a few set aside for those who love apple or chocolate only so that everyone can enjoy.

S’mores – make a cute package of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows for your guests to enjoy as an alternative to cakes.

Cream Puffs – Filled with your favorite cream and topped with powdered sugar, who can resist these tasty treats?

Candy Bars – These are the latest trend when it comes to satisfying your guests sweet tooth.  Put out an array of candies, gummies, and licorice for guests to enjoy.  The best part is that you can make the candy all match the colors of your wedding!

Cake Pops – These treats are super cute and easy to make. Decorate them in frosting that matches your wedding colors and add them on a stick.  They are a great little snack for everyone to enjoy and easy to eat.

Frozen Yogurt or Gelato – Ice cream is always a crowd pleaser whether you are catering to an older crowd or ones that are younger.  You cannot go wrong when serving this delicious treat.

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