I’ve always had a crush on Robert Redford.  So, for this post, he gets to be the pretend just-married-to-me-groom.  I bet he’s delighted.  (call me.)


Okay, so if Robert and I were to get married, these might be some hashtags we would consider for the big day.  You & your groom can look them over as templates and customize for your day.

(and, use your new last name… Redford is just an example).













WHY HASHTAG?  Whether or not you invite them, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook will be coming to your wedding.  Create a hashtag ahead of time so the photos & videos of your wedding day are categorized and accessible to you.  You can go even further and use a program like IFTTT to create a “if-this-then-that” recipe for storing the images in Flickr or a Facebook album.

WHERE TO POST YOUR HASHTAG?  Save the dates, wedding invitations, your wedding website, ceremony programs, cute signs at the guest tables, bar, sign in table and restroom, & as footers on your slideshow.

DON’T FORGET to share your hashtag with your vendors- these wedding professionals can capture some great behind-the-scenes photos of your event.

TO CREATE a good hashtag or if you’re new to them in general, follow these rules.

If you’re still having a hard time creating the perfect wedding hashtag, try using Wedding Wire’s Hashtag Generator.  You can type in a few details about your wedding & then hit “Show me the Hashtags!” for some suggestions.  RedfordMeme1

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Written by Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson

Audrey is our VP of Marketing at THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Manager at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has hosted hundreds of weddings.

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