Wedding Planning can be tough for brides and grooms to navigate, so we sat down with Wendy Kidd, a certified Master Wedding Planner to tackle the issues that brides and grooms say stress them out the most in their wedding planning process.   For today’s post, we get the inside track on wedding planning do’s and don’t’s from her company, Each & Every Detail.  They have worked closely with brides & grooms at THE SPRINGS Event Venues in Denton & McKinney.   She filled us in on some awesome tips for all brides and grooms in how to navigate the stages of wedding planning like a pro.

First, did you know that there are only seven Master Wedding Planners who have completed the certification process through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners?  It’s true and Wendy is one of them.  She started her premier wedding planning agency, Each & Every Detail in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex in 2006 after working at an event venue.

Hi Wendy, thanks for joining us!  

Tell us about yourself and your wedding planning company, Each & Every Detail!

I fell in love with weddings and made it my mission to help the everyday couple figure out how to plan a wedding perfect for them.  Our mission at Each & Every Detail is to champion our clientele and be their key resource to inspired events. In other words, we focus on making it an authentic experience for the couple and their guests so that everyone enjoys their special day.

Each & Every Detail - Wedding Planning for The Springs Venue
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I saw so many couples struggling, I just wanted to make that easier and make the planning process fun again.  My goal is to continue to do this and train other planners to do the same!

What do you like best about working for Each & Every Detail & what would your clients say about you? 

I think each of us find different parts of the process rewarding, but I particularly love figuring out what makes our clients happy so that I can make sure their wedding is a reflection of them and they truly enjoy the day.

I think if you asked our clients, they would tell you about how organized we are, how we know our craft and how we made it easy for them. (I’m pretty proud of this.)

Wedding Planning Tips for The Springs Event Venues
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Okay, let’s talk about Wedding Planning.  Your best tips, tricks, and advice for planning a wedding!

What do you wish clients would know or ask when they are planning a wedding & considering whether or not to hire a planner?

I think couples often don’t really understand what a planner does or how having one would benefit them.

Take advantage of the fact that planners offer a free meeting to get to know them and go ask questions.  You don’t have to commit and talking to a planner is the best way to understand what they do and if it would benefit you.

Do your research before meeting with a planner, though.  Choose someone who has some type of education and has experience.  Meeting with someone new to their craft may mean they are not clear on what they do or how it will benefit you.  For a list of questions and tips on what to ask a wedding planner, read more in Wendy’s blog about how to interview a planner!

Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Planner
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Can you help brides understand the differences between these: Coordinator, Planner, DOC, Master Wedding Planner?

A Coordinator, Planner, DOC and Master Wedding Planner are all titles planners use, depending on their services offered and titles earned through certification.

  • Coordinators focus on running an event with a small amount of pre-planning.
  • Planners focus on pre-planning all of the event as well as the event itself.
  • DOC is an abbreviation for “Day-Of Coordinator”, which means they focus on running the wedding day.
  • Master Wedding Planner is a title earned through a certification program.

What if a venue has an in-house coordinator?  Why should couples consider an independent planner?

An in-house venue coordinator is mainly focused on the venue and its services, guiding couples to plan their wedding according to what works best at their venue.

An independent planner is going to focus more on what the couple wants in every area and, depending on the package chosen, can help with more planning tasks such as budget, agenda and working with vendors.

TIP:  Read here for more insight from Wendy on whether hiring a planner is worth it.

What if a family member would like to serve as the coordinator for the day?

The difference between a planner and a family member who can help for the day is pretty drastic.  A planner or coordinator should be in charge of creating their own to-do list for the day and is already familiar with the plans, so that they can manage vendors and guide the wedding party and guests through the day.

A family member will need guidance on what needs to be done, when and how.  Here’s is an excellent article written by Each & Every Detail about the roles and responsibilities of family & bridal party on the big day!

Family members are fantastic for what they are, which is free help.  However, they don’t come with extensive wedding experience and are not going to be able to guide you through the day and manage vendors like a planner would.  Plus, wouldn’t you rather they get to enjoy the day instead of working it?

Wedding Planning Tips from a Certified Master Wedding Planner
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If you could give clients one piece of advice about planning a wedding & not losing your mind in the process, what would it be?

Talk to anyone involved in paying for the wedding or any decision makers at the beginning of the process and get clear communication on expectations for the wedding, budget restrictions and the FULL guest list.  If you can get all of this straight at the beginning of the process, before you book a venue or any vendors, there will be much less stress during the planning process and less negotiating between everyone on what is important and what isn’t.

What’s your best advice for wedding planning and sticking to a budget? 

It would actually be two pieces:

1) Put together your guest list and estimate how many will attend before you go shopping for venues.

2) Make sure that the overall cost for your venue, food and alcohol is not more than 50-60% of your overall budget total.

For more Wedding Budget Tips, check out a complete guide with 57 of our best tips for saving money on your wedding planning.

Let’s talk about your wedding planning experiences at THE SPRINGS Event Venues.  

Wedding Planning Tips from a Master Wedding Planner
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What is your favorite part about working at THE SPRINGS wedding venues & how is it different from other locations?

I love that THE SPRINGS Events provide such beautiful and well-maintained venues, but allow the couples to come in and customize their wedding day.  With very few restrictions, clients can create a unique and beautiful look for their wedding on such an amazing backdrop.

I love the look of the Springs venues, but also their clear communication on what is included and what their policies are. It definitely helps when planning an event there!

What do you wish clients would know or ask when they are touring venues? 

Most often, couples forget that vendors need time to break down the event. Always ask what time your event must end, but also what time your vendors must be clear of the space. At minimum, vendors need 1 hour, but sometimes need 2 hours, depending on the vendor and the complexity of the event.

For more great tips on what to look for when touring a venue, don’t forget to read this post:  The Ultimate Venue Tour Guide

Would you recommend a bride host an event at a Springs Venue? Why?

Absolutely, and we have many times!  So many of the couples in our area want a rustic elegant venue and THE SPRINGS venues give them the perfect option.  We look forward to seeing some of the new aesthetics as THE SPRINGS continue to build properties in our area!

Thank you for your time, Wendy!
It’s always a treat to have the team from Each & Every Detail at our venues.
It takes the stress out of wedding planning and couples can just enjoy their day, knowing that the event is in good hands.

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More tips from the Each & Every Detail Blog:

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Written by Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson

Audrey is our VP of Marketing at THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Manager at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has hosted hundreds of weddings.

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