Every year, we see over one thousand weddings at our venues.

We blog about them, post pictures & videos on our social media platforms and listen to our brides about cool tips they’ve discovered through the planning process.

I’ve been making a list of these cool tips for almost half a year now for you.

Here are the top 10 COOLEST wedding things I found on the internet!

10 helpful websites for planning your event at The Springs Events

1.  Amazon: Homemade Wedding // Stationery & Party Supplies

If you missed this post for savvy brides, Amazon has a homemade section on their site.

There’s hundreds of pages of wedding decor, signs, and my favorite part, stationery!

It’s a great spot for all those unique wedding items that you can’t find elsewhere.

Like…Burlap Hershey Kisses for weddings at The Springs Events

 Burlap stickers for the bottom of hershey kisses (108 stickers for $7)!

Or, tags for s’mores if you’re giving them away as wedding guest favors!

s'mores tags for wedding guest favors
Customizable tags for your Wedding Guest Favors

And instagram signs ($15) to customize with your wedding hashtag!

Instagram Sign for displaying your wedding hashtag
Cool, customized chalkboard sign for your Wedding Hashtag.

2.  Get a Presidential Congrats! – White House Wedding Greeting Cards

Did you know that you can receive a Presidential wedding greeting straight from the White House?

You can!

To receive one, you can submit a request through this website 6 weeks in advance to the wedding date and a congratulatory note will be mailed to you.  Pretty cool!

Presidential Wedding Greeting from the White House for The Springs Events brides

The Bridal Association of America also has links where you can gather unique wedding greetings from Mickey & Minnie Mouse and the Pope, too!

Mickey & Minnie Wedding Greeting for The Springs Events brides

3.  MissNowMrs.com – Change Your Maiden Name – made EASY!


For $30, “Miss Now Mrs” will save you HOURS of time from filling out the pile of forms needed to update your maiden name to your married name.

Think about all those forms:  your social security, US passport, Driver’s License, voter registration, creditors, USPS, etc.

All you have to do…

 is fill out a quick questionnaire ONCE, which populates the giant list of forms needed automatically, as well as the letters you’ll need to mail off.

Then you can click to print each completed form and submit.

Or, for a small additional fee, they’ll do it ALL for you.


(Here’s a quick video explaining the process)

4.  Envelope Registry – for couples who like adventure & experiences

Envelope registry is a way for couples who like experiences rather than material items.

You choose your experiences… a night at the opera?  a flight to Paris?  an evening at a cooking class?

Guests can contribute to your adventures as a married couple.Envelope Registry is for couples who like adventure

What’s really cool about it is that it’s free for you to register & collected payments for adventure are drafted to your bank account weekly.


As a double bonus, this platform also handles your thank you cards.

Thank you for Envelope Registry

They collect the address information from your guests as they complete the registry & then Envelope Registry makes handwritten cards & mails them for you.

More simpler = More better.

Yes, please.

5.  Minted – online stationery made easy.

For $35, you get a wedding website that will match your wedding stationery everything.

Create a wedding website that matches your wedding stationery

Minted stationery that matches your wedding website

Minted is such a comprehensive platform for managing the wedding stationery from step 1 to 99.



bridal shower invites

wedding website

menu & table cards

ceremony cards

thank you cards

Real SPRINGS bride, Chelsea Davis, originally told me about Minted.com and said this about her wedding invitations:

“Mine were post card style. I was able to save on envelopes and lower postage. Mine were from minted online and I got to design them. Great service.”

Minted- wedding stationery in one place

6.  Lilimandrill Etsy Shop – Stamp of you & your sweetheart.

Okay, let’s say this is you & your honey.

Stamp of couple for wedding stationery

What if you could get this image in a STAMP?

Well… you can!

Lilimandrill has an Etsy shop where you can get a stamp of any image.  Cool!

Stamp of couple for wedding stationery

BAM!  There’s you & your sweetheart, ready for stationery.

Stamp of couple for wedding stationery

I totally want one.

Wouldn’t it make your thank you cards & stationery *that* much more personal?

7.  Let’s talk Holiday Feasts, specifically TURKEY.

Not ready to tackle turkey non-sense the first year of marriage?

I get you.

Some are gifted chefs.

Others are mac ‘n’ cheese in the microwave, kind-of-cooks.

For a smoked, stupid-good turkey for your first holiday as a married couple, this is GOLD.

Order a turkey from Greenburg and have it shipped to anywhere in the US of A.

Trust me, for your first holiday feast, save / bookmark / keep this website:  https://www.gobblegobble.com/

It’ll make you look like a feastie-genius.

Greenburg Turkey - how to make a roasted turkey the easy way

From $32 for a 6-lb turkey to $78 for a 15-lb bird, you’ll have a DELICIOUS, smoked turkey shipped to your house.

My mom has been doing this for years and now I do it, too, and my family swears by it.

And PS, they also have great recipes here for the leftovers- gotta try Turkey & Sausage Gumbo, MMM.

It takes all the stress out of the holiday planning.

You’re welcome.

8.  Sun Calculator – What time does the sun set on your day?

I’ll never forget when I was managing a wedding venue and on wedding day, the bride approached me, concerned about the sunset.

Sunset at Charlie & Chelsie's Wedding at THE SPRINGS in North Austin | Photo by Ryan Green Photography
Sunset at Charlie & Chelsie’s Wedding at THE SPRINGS in North Austin | Photo by Ryan Green Photography

You see, her wedding was in early December on a Friday and she wanted to give her guests enough time to arrive after work since most were local.

She planned a 6:30p ceremony.

The problem?

Sunset was at 5:46pm.  Oops.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at The Springs Events
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Night in South Houston| Photo by Pedigo Photography

Luckily, we had plenty of lighting at the outdoor ceremony site & throughout our landscaping.

But, she was pretty bummed.

It wasn’t what she envisioned.

We worked with the photographer to get her family & couple portraits during the sunset, ahead of the ceremony.

She and her groom hadn’t anticipated seeing each other before the ceremony to stay with tradition, so we did an impromptu “first look“.

Using balloons as a prop for a first look at the springs events

There is a way to avoid this.

Use the Sun Calculator to figure out sunset on your wedding day.

Just type in your city in the search bar.

Then put in your month and year.

Click “GO”.

You’ll see the days of the month in the first column, followed by the sunrise and the sunset.

In 2016, look how much sunset fluctuates:

When should you have a wedding ceremony based on the sunset?
PIN IT – Save to your Pinterest board – hover your mouse over the image.

9.  Nearly Newlywed:  Score the wedding dress of your dreams at a percentage of the cost!

Buy & Sell wedding dresses.



Full disclosure, I’ve never done this personally.

In fact, I saw it on Shark Tank and started following them online.

Nearly Newlywed - from Shark Tank
Jackie Courtney came to the Shark Tank in episode 411 with her company, Nearly Newlywed.

Here’s the gist:

Shop online for a dress you want to try on.

It’ll arrive to you at $25 for flat shipping.

You can return it for a full refund within 5 days.

Rinse & repeat until you find THE dress.

Resell & recoup wedding funds.

75% of their dresses resell.

Here’s a link to their most Frequently Asked Questions to find the details on how this works.

Nearly Newlyweds

10.  Guest Favors – Share a Coke

There are lots of options for wedding guest favors out there.

Maybe it’s nostalgia.  Or maybe the personalization that gets me.  But, I just like it.

Spoil your guests with a personalized coke.

Wedding Guest Favors - Spoil them with a Coke
Personalize your guest favors & double the use as a seat holder.

It’s $5/person, a small splurge.

But you can also use it in place of guest cards for seating, so a double bonus, all in one.

You can put up to 18 characters on each bottle.

And, it’s free shipping with 12 or more bottles purchased.

More than 48 bottles or more = 10% off.

BONUS:  Bridal Garage Sales – buy & sell wedding decor

THE SPRINGS created a wedding website for brides to sell to brides.

In other words, all the wedding decor that real SPRINGS brides have used once is now online for new brides to snatch up at a fraction of the cost.

Bridal Garage Sales is Wedding Decor at Discounted Prices


Since June 2015, when the site was developed, it’s grown tremendously!

The site currently has almost 3,000 accounts created.

It has over 500 items sold.

So, there you have it.

10 Cool Wedding Websites

10 Wedding Websites + a bonus that you probably didn’t know about.

What wedding website would you add to this list?

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Written by Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson

Audrey is our VP of Marketing at THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Manager at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has hosted hundreds of weddings.

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