You may have seen our favorite bouquets over the past years–but do you know what is trending next year in the floral arrangement world?

We’ve got the scoop on 2017’s best bouquet trends!

2017 bouquet trends
Photo Credit: Rafael Serrano Photography

Trend Source:  Fabulous Florals


It seems that as the years go on, brides are falling more in love with anything natural.  Thus, organic bouquets are making their debut as loose and unstructured floral arrangements.

2017 bouquet trends
Source: Kelly Dellinger Events


Opposite of organic, the round bouquet styles are symmetrical and tight.  Although simplified, these bouquets are eye-catching and bold.  So fantastically beautiful!

2017 bouquet trends
Source: Lee Forrest Design


Cascading bouquets are simply just that–cascading like a beautiful floral waterfall.  Your wedding photos will look absolutely gorgeous with this type of floral design.

2017 bouquet trends
Source: Bridal Musings


Simple bouquets are small and have only one variety.  Although many round bouquets only have one flower variety as well, simple bouquets have 1-3 flowers total.  Very simple, yet very dynamic.

2017 bouquet trends
Source: Simple Bridesmaids Bouquets board on Pinterest


Large, grand, and eye-catching–giant bouquets are making a statement and they’re not going away!  Which…  I’m not complaining…  They are breathtaking!

2017 bouquet trends
Source: Brit + Co

Are any of you soon-to-be-brides planning on using any of these trends next year?  Let us know in the comments below!

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