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Shopping for a bride-to-be during the holiday season can get a bit tricky, and with less than a week away, you might be struggling to find the perfect wedding Christmas gift. You have a few things to consider, seeing as she’ll have a bridal shower, as well as wedding gifts, and of course housewarming gifts. Do you opt for a wedding-centric gift, or get her something you know she’d love in a the meantime. The trick is to get the bride-to-be something that makes you think of her, something you know she’ll love – and maybe something little for the wedding too; just be sure not to step on your bridal shower gift plans too much.

Below, we have suggested five awesome, last-minute wedding Christmas gifts for the bride-to-be!

1- Something Blue

You always hear about brides planning “the four somethings”. Chances are, she’ll have the something borrowed, the something new, and the something old covered already. This is a great gift, because even if she has something blue covered, she can still use this gift. Think a sapphire necklace or earrings.

2- A Date with the Spouse

Plan a romantic date night for the bride and her groom. Plan it far in advance so that she can enjoy it long after the honeymoon and post-wedding blues are gone.

3- The Gift of Relaxation

Any bride could use a day off from the stress and planning. Set her up with a day spa, go with her, and demand she disconnect from the world for just a few hours.

4- Gift Cards

If you know she’s planning to get some things from a particular store, like or David’s Bridal, pick up a gift card to lighten the bill for her when it comes time to pay.

5- A Wedding Book

Depending on how far she is in her planning, consider getting her a helpful book. This is especially great for the brides who like to dream a lot before they get started.



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