5 Ways THE SPRINGS Will Save You Money

Whether or not budgeting is a high priority in your wedding, the truth is that weddings can be super expensive. The little (and big!) details add up, & sometimes couples are forced to look for alternatives so not to “break the bank.” We want to save you money while you still have your #BestDayEver.


THE SPRINGS won't cost a fortune
THE SPRINGS in McKinney | Tyler & Lindsey Photography


At THE SPRINGS venues, we take pride in helping our guests as much as possible. We want your wedding day to be your #BestDayEver & not have you worry about your bank account afterwards. Some venues charge an arm & a leg renting out the items that they already have just to make a little more, but we don’t do that at THE SPRINGS.

At our SPRINGS venues, we include a TON so that wedding planning is easier for you. Here’s why I think we’re so great (although I am a little biased, but anyway):

1. We include chairs & tables

While this may not seem like a big deal, some other places will make you rent the chairs & tables that they already have. Usually it’s not too expensive, maybe a little over $2 per chair & $9 per table, but if you’re planning on having a lot of guests that can add up real quick. At THE SPRINGS, you don’t have to worry about it. The only things you need to bring are linen & decorations. We also take down the chairs & tables for you at the end of the night. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Chairs & tables included so won't cost a fortune
THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels | Jen Brazeal Photography


2. You get a 15 hour rental & both outside & inside sites

If time to get ready & set up is something you’re worried about- do not fret. 15 hours is more than enough time to set up, get ready, get married, & clean up. I’ve worked more weddings for THE SPRINGS than I can remember & most of the weddings had too much time. But too much time is better than not enough, I’d say. As for some other venues- rental times can vary between 5-10 hours. 10 hours is great, but not so much for 5 hours.


Groomsmen Play Video Games While Waiting
THE SPRINGS in Denton | Kim Stiles with F8Studio


You also have the option to get married inside or outside. If it looks like it might rain, you automatically have a rainy day plan by moving your ceremony inside at no extra cost. If you wanted the cocktail hour outside but the weather isn’t looking too good, it can be moved indoors. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does there’s a solution in place. By already having a rainy day plan at our venue, we save you money.

Indoor Wedding
THE SPRINGS in The Woodlands | Tayler Aubin Photography

3. We have an indoor & outdoor sound system

DJ’s can add up. I’ve seen some prices go above $1000- and if that’s simply not affordable then use ours! It’s there for a reason. Our outdoor sound system includes a lapel mic & the auxiliary feature. The speakers are inside the pavilion & it’s easy for everyone to hear. Our indoor sound system includes a wireless mic & speakers throughout the venue. We also have a projector for those who want to show videos during cocktail hour, reception, or whenever. This helps save you money by not having to pay someone to bring their own equipment- we’ve got it!

Microphone included so won't cost a fortune
THE SPRINGS in Georgetown | Amber Kelley Photography


Chairs & tables included so won't cost a fortune
THE SPRINGS in Georgetown | Amber Kelley Photography


4. You don’t have to dress to impress in decorations

THE SPRINGS Venues are rustic & simplistic. You don’t need a ton of decor at your wedding- but if you want it by all means, get it. With our simplistic venues, we save you money by not being forced to get much decor & you can still have a fabulous wedding. The way my previous boss, Melissa Feith (General Manager of THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels) put it is this: think of the venue as a canvas. It’s simple & beautiful by itself, but you can add on if you want to & it’ll be just as beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful BUT can save money by not doing this
THE SPRINGS in The Woodlands | Dreamy Elk Photography & Design


Simple decorations to save you money
THE SPRINGS in McKinney | The Wood’s Weddings Photography


5. Most of our locations have a discount with surrounding hotels

Each of our SPRINGS locations will have a preferred vendors list & on those lists will be some of the nearby hotels that we have a relationship with. For the most part if you’re reserving a block of rooms for guests, tell the hotel you’re getting married at our SPRINGS venue- they should give a discount. Sometimes our venues are used as destination weddings & accommodations for guests can cost a fortune, this way they’re saving a little!



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Written by Ellis Smith

Ellis enjoys her role with social media & marketing for THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the event host at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has seen hundreds of weddings.

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