On August 29, 2015 Anna and Jason Kloesel became husband and wife in the outdoor chapel at Stonehaven Hall in the Boulder Springs wedding venue near New Braunfels, TX.  They invited 320 of their closest family members and friends.

Anna made such a beautiful bride in her exquisite white wedding dress.  It was strapless and long, creating a nice train.  In her hand she carried a beautiful bouquet of yellow, white and red roses as she was escorted from the reception hall to the outdoor chapel.  The seating area was filled to capacity as their guests joined them on this happy occasion.  Jason wore a gray suit with white shirt and white tie.  They both glowed with love for each other.

The wedding chapel, with the Hill Country as it’s backdrop, had a huge wooden cross with a white linen draped over it at the altar site. Bouquets filled two large vases on either side of the cross which gave it a unique beauty. Inside the reception hall, the tables all had blue linen with yellow flower petals and bouquets everywhere.

Anna’s bridesmaids wore blue dresses and the groomsmen wore beige suits. The bridal cake was a three-layered white cake with small blue decorations and yellow flowers on top. Just the right amount of decorations were employed to make the venue match and look amazing!

Congratulations to the newly married, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kloesel.  May their lifetime together be filled with special moments and memories, but above all of that, may they have an undying selfless love for each other.

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