Chisholm Springs near Oklahoma City was the chosen sight for the wedding of Araceli and Jose Perez.  They were married on August 29, 2015.  Invited to this very sacred and yet festive occasion were 320 of their closest friends and family members.

As she was escorted to her waiting and soon-to-be husband, Jose, Araceli was absolutely gorgeous in her white wedding dress.  In her hand she carried a bouquet of white roses and was accompanied and pampered by her five beautiful bridesmaids.

The nuptial took place in the outdoor chapel area where the couple exchanged vows that they had actually written themselves.  It invoked a solemn and spiritual mode throughout the ceremony.

The wedding was in Oklahoma, but it definitely had a Spanish flavor as the evening’s entertainment continued to unfold.  Prior to the bride’s entrance onto the scene, the guests enjoyed a beautiful serenade from a real Mariachi group.  They were the Mariach Orgullo.

During the reception the guests were entertained by a Ballet Folklorico.  These are men and women dancers that perform their dances to traditional Mexican music.  The women performers were dressed in their colorful and traditional Mexican dancing dresses while the men had their guitars and a somewhat Tejano attire.  It was all fun and festive.

No doubt, this was a “spoil the guests” activity.  Not only were they treated to a special wedding and also to Mariachi music and then to a Ballet Folklorico; they were also all seated and were served their dinner.  Providing the diner was C2 Catering-bartending.  The reception dance music was provided by DJ, Jaime Quintero.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jose Perez.  They brought the best to their wedding and reception.  No doubt, they will also bring the best to their lifetime of marriage.

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