What to Expect at a Bridal Show

Bridal Shows, sometimes called Bridal Extravaganza’s, are very important events that take place in one location with a myriad of vendors. They’re extremely fun, filling, and most of all, worth it. They’re great to attend when you’re just starting out with wedding planning & also when you just need to finish those last minute details. Here are some things to expect when going to a Bridal Show:


What to Expect at Bridal Shows


1. It’s Going to be Overwhelming

If you’ve never been before, this can be super overwhelming. You’re going to an event where multiple vendors from each department (venues, florals, cakes, dj’s, planners, hotels, etc) are showcasing their work. There will be more vendors and more departments there than you’ve imagined, and they’re all going to be amazing. Everyone there wants to be part of your special day, so they’ve put their heart & soul into showing you why they’re worth the part. You’ll see & meet tons of vendors that you’ll like from the same category & sometimes it can become hard to chose which one you want for the big day.


2. Keep an Open Mind

This is super important because while you’ve been dreaming about this day & have a certain vision, some of those things just may be unable to do due to price range, venue restrictions, etc. When attending bridal shows, you’ll get to see so many different ways to achieve your vision. Just try to relax and see as much as you can. And eat as much cake/cupcakes as you can. ?


Eat Cake at Bridal Show
THE SPRINGS in Rockwall | Michelle Rice Photography


3. Expect to Make Hard Decisions

When you walk in you’ll notice lights, decorations, sweet smells, and wedding-inspiring music. You’ll get to meet with many people and you might like all the DJ’s you meet, or all the various cakes you’ve tasted. There will be many makeup & hairstylists that are all doing wonderful jobs, & how do you choose which one you want? If you’re on a budget, be persistent and stick with it. It might help make those decisions a little easier if some of the things you like are just too much. If you’re not on a budget, God help you with all those cakes and caterers!


4. Expect to Love Everything

Not only will vendors be there- but so will those beautiful wedding dresses! Toward the end of the event, find a chair and watch the fashion show. This is super important if you haven’t bought a dress yet, because you’ll get to see how these dresses look on different types of bodies. You may not like the style of Trumpet dresses in pictures, but in person it could be the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. You never know!

You'll love everything at bridal shows
THE SPRINGS in Georgetown | Amber Kelley Photography


5. Expect to Save Some Money

One of the best things about bridal shows is that discounts are everywhere, just for showing up! I was lucky enough to save over $100 on my wedding cake & over $300 on my DJ & photobooth package. That’s over $400 in savings right there! My mom & I were one happy bride & mom that’s for sure. Basically to sum it all up- bridal shows are amazing & you can’t go wrong for going. If you haven’t started wedding planning, this is the place to be. If not to book anything yet, you’re at least getting knowledgeable in what you need & want for your big day. It’s also great to go when you’re almost done with those wedding plans & you just need some last minute touch ups.


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Written by Ellis Smith

Ellis enjoys her role with social media & marketing for THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the event host at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has seen hundreds of weddings.

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