The wedding day was finally here, and Megan could not have been more excited.  As she was getting everything ready, her heart suddenly dropped–she had forgotten her custom-made wedding globe and wedding dress hanger.

To most, these items seem like no big deal, but for anyone who has ever been a bride, you know this is a huge deal.  I mean, I can relate.  My grandmother had given me my great-grandmother’s brooch to pin on my bouquet, and I totally forgot it.  I was SO upset!

But what was Megan’s reaction?

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Everything seemed like it was going wrong, but in the scheme of things, it was just small potatoes!  Your wedding is going to fly by, so remember to have a good time, or you will miss it!

Megan’s positive attitude and ability to see every situation with the right perspective paid off well on her wedding day.  When things like this happen, you have to think, “What is the real meaning of my wedding day?”

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Regardless of the forgotten items, Megan’s wedding day was beyond perfection–just look at the reception hall!

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We were in awe of every detail.  It was breathtaking, and picture-perfect!  We had to ask her where she got her inspiration:

I drew my wedding inspiration from a lot of places. Pinterest helped me with most of my DIY inspiration, my table settings, and with everyone’s attire. The Knot helped me find many of my vendors, and their wedding website was the perfect central location for all of our wedding day details.

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Before she knew it, it was time for the big ceremony.  It was nothing less than a dream–in fact, it was her favorite memory:

Wow, there are so many good memories from that day! My personal favorite was walking down the aisle, looking and my husband-to-be, and seeing how truly happy he looked.

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THE SPRINGS location: Denton.

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But let’s be honest, a perfect wedding day doesn’t just happen.  If you follow this simple piece of Megan’s advice, your wedding day will proceed smooth as silk:

My mother and I created a wedding timeline to give to all of our vendors, and that helped tremendously for coordination! Also, make sure that you have plenty of good people around to help you in any way you need. I had a group of 10 people setting up with me from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.!

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So instead of being stressed, she got to enjoy her prep time, and the rest of her unforgettable wedding day.

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So don’t worry.  It’s all going to be perfect–we promise.

Thank you, Megan, for sharing your insights on a perfect wedding day!

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Why did MEGAN choose THE SPRINGS?

Have you seen the venue?! It’s gorgeous! The outside is lush greenery, and the inside is gorgeous stained wood and chandeliers! I think the outside of the venue (for example, the limestone walkways, the waterfall, and the pavilion) were what sold the venue to me!

Want to see it for yourself?  Book a tour with us today at the location nearest you!

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