With all the frills and fluffs of the wedding business, it is hard to get a REAL LIFE perspective on love, the wedding, and what you should do to really make your special day the best day of your life.

In today’s “bride tells all,” Lexxy Bigham gives her real life wedding experience — and how she was able to make it the best day of her life.

bride tells all about her wedding
All wedding day photos are thanks to Heiress Photography.

First, to really get to know Lexxy & Justin (the handsome man in the picture above), you HAVE to hear their proposal story.  You’ll be dying, especially if you’re a country girl yourself.  In Lexxy’s own words:

Our whole relationship was long distance, so I would try and plan weekends I could come home from college and see Justin. There were two weekends in particular around Thanksgiving I was debating on coming home. Justin tried so hard to convince me that one of those weekends was better than the other because “more of our families would be in town.” Of course I ended up coming home the weekend he so intently wished I would. Saturday, November 15th, Justin and I were supposed to meet up and see his grandparents out in Wills Point. I got up that morning anxious with the feeling that this could be the day! I waited and waited all day long as one thing after another seemed to come up. I was confused, and of course the angst built. Finally he gave me the go ahead to head out to Wills Point. When I got there, no cars were at the house. The only person there seemed to be Justin, who was sitting in his truck in the drive way. I pulled up and walked over to him. He looked nervous which of course made me anxious.  After stopping me, he told me that he found something a few years ago that was so amazing he couldn’t wait to share it with me. He had me climb into the truck with Brad Paisley’s “Mean to Me” playing softly in the background. As we drove out into the field & trees on his grandparents’ land, he suddenly stopped the truck and said I had to be blindfolded the rest of the way. When the truck stopped for the second time, he helped me out and walked me through the field. Before I knew it, we were surrounded in complete silence and I no longer felt him next to me. Moments later I heard him tell me to take off the blind fold. When I did, he was knelt in front of me with a banner he and his brother made by hand that read, “Will You Marry Me?” We both immediately started tearing up — I fell into his arms and said, “Of course!” When he put the ring on my finger, he turned me around to look at a tree with a mirror hanging on it that read “Future Mrs. Bigham.”  Lights were twinkling everywhere, and later I found out that he had a deer camera hung so we caught those precious moments alone!

deer camera proposal

Honestly, that proposal could have come straight out of a movie.  SO in love with this couple!

After the bliss of the proposal, the wedding planning began.  When asked where Lexxy got her inspiration, she reported that most of it came from her mom, vendors, and bridesmaids!  With a little help of Pinterest, they all brought together the most stunning wedding.  The following are a few of her vendors and her own words on how they helped make her wedding day so special.

wild rose events
Floral: Wild Rose Events

When it came to the flowers, I honestly gave my florist little direction. I found a few pictures on Pinterest and Google of designs and colors I liked, but other than that I trusted her to do what she thought was best. I couldn’t be happier with the work that she did! She worked directly with the sweet lady that made our cakes, so the gorgeous cake table was their work of art!

cake table with floral
Cakes: Sweet Art Custom Cakes-SB
wedding DJ
DJ: Mike with SoundMasters DJ

We were not planning on having a DJ, but in the end we decided to and he saved our whole day. We did not realize the amount of work that goes into music alone, much less all the reception planning and timing that he helped us figure out. He was amazing at making sure everything ran on time, and he made sure we knew where and when each thing would be happening.  He was a really great MC! Along with that, he had full reigns on the music selection besides the few specifics.  We got many compliments on the songs played, and many people requesting the soundtrack. I would hire him for any event in full trust that he would handle everything perfectly!


Justin and I loved THE SPRINGS and the feel of the venue. We felt that it was a good balance for the two of us. We first heard about the venue through my mom and his step mom, who knew someone else that was getting married there. Not long after that several of our friends were getting married there. We came and looked at the venue and fell in love with it!

Because Lexxy had great family, friends, and vendors, the wedding day was perfect in every single way.

real wedding at THE SPRINGS

Lexxy’s favorite moment was her and Justin’s first look.  After reading her experience, you just might have to fit that into your wedding day schedule:

My favorite memory from the wedding day was most definitely our first look. Because our ceremony was later and in the winter, we wanted to be able to take family pictures outside which meant we would see each other before the ceremony. I was nervous about doing this at all in the beginning, but Justin was so supportive and patient while I went back and forth on the idea. I wouldn’t change that first look for the world. Nothing could have replaced the moment that we shared looking each other in the eyes for the first time with me in my ivory lace dress and him in a suit. When he turned around to look at me, seeing the love, happiness, and tears through tears of my own….it was an indescribable feeling — makes me tear up thinking about that moment replaying! It was so wonderful to be alone with just the two of us, especially when we knew that in just a few moments we would be walking down the same aisle to become man and wife.

first look

The happiness from that moment definitely carried on into the rest of the day.  It was an absolute dream wedding!  And thanks to her amazing photographer, everything was captured beautifully.  Lexxy says all of her vendors were the best of the best, including Heiress Photography!

bridesmaid picturechoose a seat not a sidewedding ceremony kissstrike a pose photo boothDIY Photoboothbouquet tossgarter toss

Thank you so much Lexxy for letting us be a part of your special day, and for being such a gorgeous bride.  Most of all, thank you for “telling all.”  We wish you and your new hubby the best as you enjoy life’s moments together!

winter wedding send off

We want you to have the BEST day of your life, and we’re not just saying that.  Book a tour with us today!

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