Have you read all the blogs from the wedding experts on how to make your day perfect?

Well, it’s probably time you hear wedding day advice from a real, recently-experienced bride…

Mrs. Kelsi Hollon tells us her four best tips for brides-in-planning:

bride tips
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1.  Make Time for Planning and Time for Breaks

bride tips

Although I have been planning my wedding all my life, we still needed over a year to plan our wedding. At the time it felt like forever, but it really flew by. My advice is to make sure you take a break from planning and dedicate at least one day a week to do something with your fiancé. We had a date night either at Rosa’s or Saltgrass once a week, and something that helped us to keep our minds in focus was to NOT TALK WEDDING.  That way we set aside time to focus on the true meaning of our special day, each other!

2.  Dedicate Time to be with Family

bride tips

Your engagement is a super emotional time for everyone, especially your parents. The idea that everything is going to change after the “I do’s” is scary. Their baby is officially leaving the nest, so be sure to spend extra time with them.

I was very fortunate to have my older brother, Weston, plan my wedding and have my parents, Gary and Tina, help him execute everything. When we first got engaged Weston sat us down and asked Ross and I what we wanted our wedding to be like, what we wanted our guests to experience, and how we wanted to remember that day. As we talked, he sketched, and me being a little on the picky side, he erased some, too. Over the next few months those sketches turned into renderings, and then into reality.  I didn’t have to make one phone call to a vendor, set-up any spread sheets, make any appointments; all I had to do was show up, look pretty, and give my opinion. It was AWESOME!!! Ross and I were able to enjoy our 15 month engagement with our family and friends and not bother with the stresses of planning. I’ve read a lot of blogs giving advice or explaining their experience as a bride, and they mentioned how stressful they were and to not get family involved in the planning process. But I will be completely honest with you, I wasn’t stressed at all, and with Weston living in New York, I loved being able to spend that time with him. It gave us a reason to FaceTime, call each other, or visit. Even if all of the subjects of our conversations started out being about weddings, they never ended that way, and I’ll cherish that forever.

bride tips

Weston was nice enough to tell us his side of planning Kelsi’s wedding.  The relationship between these two is admirable, and we know that it was even more enhanced since Kelsi and Weston both worked together on the most special day of her life:

Watching Kelsi grow up, as her older brother, was a huge advantage in planning and designing this wedding. I know who and what influenced her from the day she was born.
The second she started describing what she wanted the day to be we started finishing each other’s sentences. I currently live in New York City and after lining up venue after venue for her, she finally chose THE SPRINGS.  I flew down to Texas immediately to do a walk-through with her. She told me how this venue embraces nature and highlighted all things exciting about the outdoors. As we walked down the white-rock aisle of the ceremony site she told me to close my eyes and listen. “What do you hear?” she asked. I replied, “Birds chirping, the wind blowing through the trees, water flowing down rocks…” “Yes,” she said, “I also hear a lone guitar player echoing chords throughout those trees, my dress dragging along the white rocks and flowers petals, and what do I see?  Nothing but my soon-to-be husband at the end of the way.” She lit up with a smile, took a breath, and said “Now…what do you see, Mr. Designer?” And we took off:  floral decor, set pieces, cocktail hour, passed hors d’oeuvres, table arrangements, live entertainment, lighting, cake design, linens, you name it–we built the entire world for that special day–with one year, one week, two days, and three hours on the clock.

bride tips
THE SPRINGS‘ location: Rockwall

3.  On the Wedding Day, Find Time to Slow Down

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I used to have married friends tell me, “Your wedding day is going to fly by.”  OMG were they right. I seriously barely had time to get my dress on. It was all a blur. Take a moment with your parents, with your new husband/wife, and definitely take a moment with yourself.

4.  Spend Money on an Amazing Photographer

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Our wedding day was seriously a blur. We just got our pictures back and it’s like we are getting to see everything and everyone that we might have missed. The blur is now turning into an everlasting memory–so make sure you get an amazing photographer who will capture the whole day!

 So there you have it!  Advice from a real bride on how you can make your wedding day the best day of your life.  Thank you, Kelsi, for letting us be a part of it all!  It was absolutely unforgettable!

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