It’s getting to be that time of year again!  Holiday cheer, kissing under the mistletoe, and exchanging gifts with your one and only.

christmas gift ideas
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I don’t know about you, but I always have the hardest time picking out a gift for my husband.  I want it to be meaningful, but I also want him to really like it!  Last year I got my husband a new pair of Nike’s…  He loved them!  But this year I wanted to give him something much more meaningful.


Lucky for me, (and hopefully lucky for you as well), I have researched and researched and researched to find the best, unique gift ideas–and I came up with a few that are golden!

1.  LoveBook

christmas gift ideas

I found this on Pinterest and was SO excited!  It’s a book that you completely create about your love story.  You start out by creating your own stick figures to look just like you and your love, and then you select the cover you want, and add your own personal pages including illustrations.  I love this because the book is totally personalized in every way!  It is unique, meaningful, and such a fun idea!  To start your LoveBook now, click here.

2.  The 12 Dates of Christmas

This idea is non-expensive, thoughtful, and personalized!  Simply give your better half a letter like this on Christmas morning–it truly is a gift that will last all year long!

christmas gift ideas
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3.  Watch

Okay, so a watch may seem kind of boring…  But I saw this note with it and thought it was perfect!  Something your hubby will really like, but with a little personal twist.

christmas gift ideas
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4.  You’re a Catch

christmas gift ideas

Does your sweetie love sports?  I love this baseball gift:  write all over it why you think he is such a “catch!”

5.  365 Jar

christmas gift ideas

This idea is probably the most thoughtful of all.  How would you like to wake up everyday and have a sweet little love note from your better half?  This idea may take a little bit of time, but time is love, right?  Plus, it’s extremely affordable!  Make it even more fun by color-coding the notes:  Pink–reasons I love you!  Yellow–remember when…  Orange–quote of the day.  Green–fact of the day.  White–feeling lucky!

Let us know if you are going to use any of these Christmas gift ideas in the comments below!


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