DIY weddings can be a HUGE stress.  
(They don’t have to be.)

I mean, it really seems like it’s all on YOU to make your wedding the dream you’ve always wanted.

But for Kelli, doing everything herself turned out for the absolute best.  Seriously, her wedding was beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as her!

DIY wedding

And the trick to a do-it-yourself wedding?


Seems contradictory, but without Kelli’s many helpers, the day would have been much more stressful.

For instance, Kelli could not stop saying how grateful she was for her mother and all of her help for the big day:

My mother is so creative.  She helped with a lot of my decor for the centerpieces (not including the flowers). She also ironed every single table cloth the morning of to where she had blisters on her hands. She was one of the biggest helpers the day of the wedding hands down.

DIY wedding

Kelli was also lucky to have her friend and fellow church member help her with flowers and decor:

A church member, Anne Long, made the bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements for the tables. She used to own a shop so she was a go-getter on this job. She and I built the arrangements for the arch together as well. My bouquet is the only place I got picky and we just found flowers and colors at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and threw it all together. Pinterest of course was a help for ideas, though.

DIY wedding

 And we really couldn’t get over the fact that the arch was built by the groom’s father…

DIY wedding
THE SPRINGS location: Denton

Additionally, the gorgeous cakes were made by another family member, Stormey Blackburn.

DIY wedding

Talk about bringing family and friends together in the best way.

DIY wedding

We also had to ask Kelli why she chose THE SPRINGS for her DIY wedding?

We chose THE SPRINGS because right off the bat we felt it was a classy, timeless venue–and that was exactly what we were looking for. It could have been western, but it also could have been classy and that was perfect to us. Additionally, we loved the staff. My goodness they were great. They really answered any questions you had as many times as you asked–even if it was the same one, too!

DIY wedding

Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding, and an amazing bride!  One last tip from Kelli?

My advice to couples would be to remember that no matter how many things go wrong on your day, remember that you’re still going to be a Mr. and a Mrs.–that’s all you need to worry about.  We had music issues and rehearsal issues and we just had to laugh and say, “Oh well!” Really, you’re the only one who knows when something goes wrong. Everyone else is just there for you two and the party!

DIY wedding

Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn!  Your DIY wedding was not only done right, but beautifully.  Thank you for letting us share your wedding day!

Ready for your own DIY wedding?  Book a tour with us today for the perfect venue!

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