Choosing an engagement ring

Listen up guys! The engagement ring is the most important purchase of your bachelorhood! Even more precious than your pickup truck and HD TV, the engagement ring is your key to the future. Here are some guidelines to help you make the absolute best decision when picking out the ring.


Considering your budget is the most important thing. Have you ever heard the rule that the engagement ring should cost three months-worth of paychecks? While that is still considered a good rule of thumb, you should follow most closely what your bride-to-be is looking for. If all she wants is a simple band – then there is no need to buy her an extra extravagant rock that looks too big for her finger. Couples choose to spend more or less than that. Really, it’s a personal decision.

Keep in mind financial factors like your current bills, loans, and anticipated wedding and honeymoon expenses.


Whoa, there are an awful lot of choices here. The most common options for wedding rings are gold and platinum. But did you realize there are even more choices to make beyond that? In the gold category you’ll find options like 14K, 18K, white, or yellow. According to jewelers, the ideal choice is 18K which is 75% gold and 25% alloy. It’s considered the ideal balance of purity and strength. 14K is considered a less pure and more affordable option.

Once you determine the karats you prefer, you need to establish the actual metal choice. Does she wear mostly silver or gold jewelry? If she prefers the silver route, you’ll want to go with a more modern white gold or platinum. If she wears yellow gold – go with that. Now, some jewelers are even offering rose gold. You’ll have to gauge her preferences. If you’re looking for some insight, talk to her trusted friends or her mom. Or, stalk her Pinterest.

The Diamond

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, but even beyond that there are more options than you can imagine. There is cut, shape, clarity, carats, color… so many choices. Here’s what you need to know about the diamond:

 Engagement Ring CHoices

The diamond shape really is a personal preference. There isn’t one that is more expensive, or nicer than others. For most brides, it’s a style choice. Again, ask her close friends or family what their thoughts are. Her Pinterest should also be a great place to gain insight.

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