Wedding Cake Evolution & Trends Throughout the Years


An Evolution of Wedding Cakes

Are you planning a wedding & trying to decide what kind of cake you should have? It can be super stressful attempting to pick the right one out, especially since there’s so many beautiful wedding cakes. In hopes to help you narrow your choices, I’ve put together a little history on the evolution of wedding cakes & trends. Enjoy!

The Evolution of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes started out super early in Ancient Roman times as a symbol of the two coming together. When the cake had been “broken,” so to speak, & the couple had eaten some of it, the ceremony was completed & the two became one.  A tradition in early England follows that the wedding cake had to be tall, & if the couple could reach over & still kiss each other then good luck would accompany their marriage.

Evolution of Wedding Cakes
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It wasn’t until the seventeenth century when the Groom’s cake entered the picture, although guests weren’t allowed to eat it during the wedding. The Groom’s cake would be cut up into little squares & put in boxes for guests to take home for good luck. This tradition lasted for a while but eventually died out & thus begins the delicious era of eating both the Bridal & Groom cake during the wedding reception.

Evolution of Wedding Cakes
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And did you know that at one time, the tradition wasn’t even to eat the wedding cake- it was to throw it at the bride in hopes for fertility!

Speaking of Bridal Cakes– traditionally & much like everything else, they were all white. This was symbolic for two reasons: purity & wealth. Cake ingredients were expensive back then, especially sugar & icing. If a bride had a white cake it was to say that the family had money or was marrying into a wealthier family. And, along with wedding dresses & bridal gowns, white symbolized purity & wealth as well.

wedding details
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It was in the late 1800’s that cakes began to get creative & more decorative. Brides were slowly starting to back away from the traditional white cake with white icing & go bold with the addition of a few colors or flowers as well as multiple tiers. This was when weddings started to not revolve around wedding dresses & the cakes. Even though these things are still important in weddings today they were much, MUCH more important back then. It was the reassurance that the wedding family had credibility, power, money.

Now, it’s all about love, love, love.

The evolution of wedding cakes is actually pretty interesting

 Especially Grooms’ cakes- I mean look at that! That’s not a cake, that’s a masterpiece. You almost don’t want to eat it (but let’s be real, you’re gonna eat the cake anyway).

Evolution of Wedding Cakes
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There will always be new trends to try out & different kinds of cakes that you’ll want to use for your wedding. It’s safe to say that cakes don’t represent purity or wealth anymore (and even so, who cares?) so here’s some pictures of some gorgeous cakes that are currently trending. Enjoy! Or wait, I mean bon-appetit!

Evolution of Wedding CakesEvolution of Wedding CakesEvolution of Wedding CakesEvolution of Wedding CakesEvolution of Wedding CakesEvolution of Wedding CakesEvolution of Wedding Cakes

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