The 25 Most Common Items Venue Managers are
Asked for on Wedding Day

25 Most Commonly Asked Items
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You’ve planned your wedding for months down to the very last detail.

The wedding week comes around and you’ve started packing your bags with things you’ll need for the wedding day, the wedding night, and the honeymoon, in the hopes of not forgetting something.  If you did, we’ll do our best to get you what you need or let you borrow for the day.

We asked our SPRINGS venue managers about the items they are most commonly asked for… take a peek at what they said!

1. Wi-Fi Login

Does your venue have wi-fi available for the public?
Or, is it on a hot spot? (not available to the public)

 2. Safety Pins / Straight Pins

When it comes time to put on the Groomsmen’s boutonnieres, safety pins or straight pins come in handy.

3. Long Stem Lighter

Do you have candles at your wedding? They need to be lit somehow!  The long stem lighters work better over a regular lighter.

4. Bandaids

Especially for the Groomsmen & the Bridesmaids who are wearing shoes they haven’t exactly broken in yet, bandaids are great for preventing those blisters from getting worse.

5. Trash Bags

These are provided at THE SPRINGS locations.

6. Aluminum Foil / Saran Wrap / Tupperware

There’s bound to be food & cake leftovers. Your caterer may provide some for the food, but these items are good to bring, just in case you need more!

7. Booster Seats

Does your venue provide booster seats- if you have youngins’ coming to the wedding, you might need to bring one.

8. Sturdier Chairs

Do you have a guest that might need a sturdier chair?  It’s a bit awkward for a heavier guest to have to ask for one and so thoughtful of a couple to think of this ahead of time.  At THE SPRINGS, we will often pull a chair from the office or dressing suite if one is needed.

9. Places That Deliver

You get the place ALL DAY- so that means if you show up early to get ready, you’re going to get hungry.

10. Tape

Last minute stuff comes up & scotch tape or masking tape comes in handy!

11. Scissors

Just about every wedding asks for scissors at some point!  We’re happy to loan these out, just bring ’em back to the office when you’re finished!

12. Utensils For Cake Cutting

Oops!  These are often something forgotten.  How will you cut the cake?

13. Cake Plates

Don’t forget the plates for cake.  These are smaller than the dinner plates and they’re often disposable.

14. Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sometimes, it’s salt & pepper that gets asked for and sometimes, it’s the shakers.  We get this question a lot on wedding day.

15. Tampons

It’s life.  It happens.  Bring a couple extra for someone else, too!

16. Phone Chargers

Gotta have the phone.  And when it dies, it’s a mad dash to find a charger.

17. Reserved Table Signs

This mostly happens when couples decide last-minute that they actually do want to reserve a couple of tables.

18. Pen / Paper

For vows or speeches, we get asked for this often.

19. Black Socks

Groomsmen forget these.

20. Table & Easel Frames

For the parson tables or for a large photo, you’ll want to be able to display all the pretty things!

21. Linens

Oops!  Don’t forget the unity candle table and make sure vendors are providing their own if they’ll have additional tables (photobooth props, DJ set up, etc).

22. Umbrellas

Ack!  It’s raining.  Now what?

23. Table Numbers

Even if you don’t have assigned seating, these are a great thing to have!

24.. Extension Cords*

Uplights, chandeliers, food heating appliances…

25. Ladders*

*As strange as it sounds, SPRINGS Staff are not allowed to give out extension cords or ladders to guests or wedding party due to insurance & liability reasons.
If you need them to set up, we ask that you bring your own.

Did we forget something?

Let us know with a comment below.

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Written by Ellis Smith

Ellis enjoys her role with social media & marketing for THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the event host at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has seen hundreds of weddings.