Most of our blogs feature our beautiful brides, but today we thought it’d be even more special to hear from the groom.

Meet Tyler + Frances.


A gorgeous couple who share a true, lifelong love.

Tyler was so kind as to answer a few of our questions about him, Frances, and their breathtaking wedding day.  Our first question was of course, how did you propose?!

We were spending our four year anniversary weekend in Breckenridge, CO. I kept trying to think of the perfect time, setting, etc. I initially wanted to propose either on the ski slopes or outside during sunset. We skied really hard that day and were exhausted getting back to the hotel and in perfect Frances-style, she ran the clock down to about five minutes before we needed to leave for dinner reservations getting herself all dolled up.


I was a nervous wreck but had to keep my cool or I would have blown my cover. The night before we had tried to take a few selfies and they turned out really blurry and grainy so I thought this is a perfect way to tee this up. She got done with her makeup and stood up to head out the door and I told her, “Hey we should try to give this selfie thing another shot.” I set up the camera and set the timer.


As it was about to go off, I got on my knee and pulled out the ring. Asking Frances to marry me was one of the most nerve wrecking but amazing things I’ve done. As I’m kneeling there asking her to be my wife, she has this blank look on her face and as those four words are spilling out of my mouth she looks at me and says, “What are you doing?” Haha, I’ll never forget that look. But of course she realized what was going on and finally said YES! It took a few minutes for the initial shock to wear off, but once it hit her she jumped on me with tears in her eyes and just planted a big ole kiss on me. Best moment ever!


Such an adorable proposal.  With the most gorgeous bride inside and out, and a keeper of a groom, I’d say these two are the perfect couple!

Now why did this perfect couple decide to get married at THE SPRINGS you may ask?

All through our wedding planning process we basically liked the first of everything. First food, first drinks, first floral, first table cloths, and of course, first venue. THE SPRINGS was the first we toured and after looking at a couple more after it, we just called it quits and knew that it was the perfect place for us. We wanted an outdoor wedding and the Stonehaven Hall at the New Braunfels location was just ideal. The mix of the wood paneling with the stone and the beautiful rafters were amazing accents.


We were honored we got to be a part of their wedding day, because it was absolutely unforgettable.  Tyler’s favorite memory from his perfect day with his bride will make you melt:

My favorite moment was watching Frances walk down the aisle. There’s not a day that goes by in which Frances doesn’t take my breath away, but man she was stunning on that day. I can still see her big, beautiful smile, and that sweet, innocent look of excitement in her eyes. Amazing.


The ceremony was just as beautiful as this wonderful couple.  Your wedding day should be nothing less than this amount of happiness + love:


What a beautiful day it truly was.  We adore this couple who touched our hearts with their simple love that is an inspiration to all.  Congratulations again to Tyler + Frances!  We wish you two the best in all of the years to come.


Want to know their vendors?  Tyler says they are the BEST!

Hire Sweet August Events, Chandra’s Collection Photography, and makeup by Jordan Mae. These ladies really know how to make your whole wedding an amazing and fun experience and Jordan has an amazing eye for bringing the natural beauty out of every woman/bride on that special day.

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