If you’re like 90% of the grooms-to-be out there, wedding planning doesn’t exactly tickle your fancy. The mere thought of sitting down and deciding between peonies and tulips makes you physically ill and you could probably think of a million other things you would rather be doing. This isn’t to say that you don’t care about the wedding or your fiancé, – of course you do – it’s just that as long as you get to marry that beautiful woman, you couldn’t care less about very much else.

Grooms: 5 of Your Most Common Mistakes | Boulder Springs

You know what though? She cares – a lot. So in order to help you avoid making insensitive mistakes, we’ve compiled a list of the five most common mistakes grooms tend to make and how to keep yourself from falling down the rabbit hole.

Mistake #1 – Being a Debbie Downer
Don’t be that guy who insists that he doesn’t care about the details of the wedding, only to make criticisms at the very last minute. Instead, make a conscious effort to make suggestions or speak up about things you absolutely do not like from the very beginning. At the very least, fake enthusiasm at the things that she’s obviously very excited about.

Mistake #2 – Shutting Down
You may think you’re doing for fiancé a favor by telling her that she can plan the whole wedding, but you’re wrong. It’s not fair to dump all of the responsibility on her while you get to sit back, relax and show up on the day of the wedding. You don’t have to be involved in every single miniscule detail, but at least use the 80/20 rule and help out with the three biggest details: picking the date, venue and guest list.

Mistake #3 – Neglecting the Gift Registry
We get it – spending countless hours in Pottery Barn is not your idea of a good time. However, it’s something that needs to be done and your fiancé will definitely need some input on your end. It doesn’t have to be all blenders and waffle makers; keep in mind that you can also register at places like Target and Amazon for some pretty cool stuff.

Mistake #4 – Taking it Too Far
Okay, so you shouldn’t be a complete bump on a log when it comes to planning your wedding, but be careful not to transform into a total groomzilla either. Don’t get yourself so concerned with penny-pinching and micro-managing that you begin sucking up all the fun and rivaling your bridezilla; that’s not a good look.

Mistake #5 – Losing Perspective
While stressing over the details, your fiancé may forget to remember that this whole thing is supposed to be fun. As the groom, it’s your responsibility to remind her of this. Your wedding should be one great party, and great parties need good people, good food and drinks, and good music. Stay focused on that.

Remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you just have to make it through a few more months of hectic planning to reach it. It’ll all be worth it once you can finally call that woman your wife!



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