Just when you think the game is over and done with, we make a comeback with that one last Hail Mary pass!

Up until now, you’ve only been given glimpses of The Springs Events’ Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning – or the Groom’s Playbook, as you’ve come to know it – but now we’re unveiling every last bit of it!

While some of the information below may look familiar, there is also a ton of new plays to explore from pre-season all the way down to the 4th quarter.

Trust us when we say that everything you need to know about how to be the MVP of weddings can be found right here!

So without further delay, we give you the full-length Groom’s Playbook!

Check it out and as always, remember to let us know what you think by using #GroomsPlaybook on Facebook and Twitter!

Groom’s Playbook: Full-Length Infographic | The Springs Events

Written by THE SPRINGS


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