Soon to be or recently married?
Here are 10 of our favorite holiday traditions for couples. Enjoy!

As you begin to read through this list of holiday traditions for couples, be sure to head over + press play on our Spotify playlist “Songs for December” to really get you in the Christmas mood!

holiday traditions for couples

1 | Bake + deliver holiday goodies

Set aside an afternoon, evening or maybe the whole day + spend some time baking a few of your favorite holiday goodies.

This could be mini-pies, Christmas cookies, hot cocoa spoons, cake pops, etc.

Once everything is frosted, sprinkled, packaged up + ready to go, deliver these sweet treats to your neighbors, co-workers + family members.

2 | Exchange Christmas jammies

If you’re able to convince your sweet man to wear matching Christmas jammies, H O O R A Y! If you can convince him to wear a matching Christmas onesie, you’re a miracle worker!

But if coordinating pajama pants just aren’t his thing, no worries – you’re not completely out of luck with this holiday tradition.

Put each person in charge of what the other will wear to bed on Christmas Eve. You shop for him + he shops for you. What you pick out for each other is entirely up to you!

3 | Theme your stocking stuffers

Rather than filling each other’s stockings up with random, mix + match gifts, set a theme.

You’ll have to get creative with your shopping, which makes it all the more fun!

Some stocking theme ideas for your man: grooming (gifts for his hair + beard, cologne, etc.), hunting, game day, exercise… you get the idea!

4 | Christmas movie marathon

Prepare in advance + stock up on your favorite movie snacks + essentials!

Grab all of the pillows + blankets you own, turn down the lights, and pretend you’re snowed in.

5 | Christmas Eve or Christmas Day letters

One of our favorite holiday traditions for couples is writing letters to exchange with one another on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

In the letters, discuss your favorite memories from the year before. Let them know what you are most excited for in the year ahead together.

Make sure to always date these letters + maybe get a special box to keep them in. They will become cherished gifts for years to come.

6 | Ornament exchange

With this tradition, you have a few different options:

You can each buy an ornament for the other + then exchange them OR go shopping together + purchase one ornament OR alternate years of who buys the ornament(s).

The thought behind this tradition is to buy an ornament (or two) that represents something monumental that happened that year.

If it’s the year you got engaged, maybe a diamond ring ornament. Or if you got your first puppy together this year, maybe an ornament that looks like your fur-baby!

Get creative – this tradition is a fun one!

7 | Make a Christmas morning breakfast

Holiday traditions that revolve around food tend to be some of our favorite.

Call your mom, mother-in-law, or grandma + ask for their best breakfast recipe. Or maybe do a little scrolling on Pinterest + find your own.

Make this dish on Christmas morning (you might need to prep the night before) + if it’s a hit, voila… new holiday tradition!

This very well may turn into the dish your husband + children look forward to all year long for the rest of their lives.

8 | Host a holiday get-together

Hosting a holiday get-together for your family or friends is one of our favorite traditions on the list, especially if it will be your first time to do so!

The get-together can be as fancy or as casual as you’d like… whatever is more your style.

And if you’re looking for music to play in the background while you celebrate with your favorite people, remember our “Songs for December” Spotify playlist. It’s the kind of Christmas music you can listen to all day (or night)  long. 🙂

9 | Sleep by your Christmas tree, at least once!

One of the greatest things about being married is that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

And one of the greatest things about having a best friend is getting to have sleepovers!

So, grab all of the blankets + pillows in the house, inflate the air mattress, and spend a night (or two or three!) under the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree. M A G I C.

10 | Hit up the after-Christmas decor sales

Being that you’re currently engaged or recently married, you’re likely on a budget. Good for you!

If so, the days that follow Christmas are the best days to do some serious decor shopping for next year’s holiday season!

Get ready to score major deals on artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, etc.

So, there you have it – our top 10 favorite holiday traditions for couples!

Full list below. Screenshot + save to your phone or pin to your Pinterest board for safe keeping.

holiday traditions for couples

Maybe you saw one or two (or ten!) holiday traditions for couples that you liked + want to implement this year.
Or maybe you have one of your own that you’d like to throw into the mix.

We’d love to hear from you – leave a tradition in the comments below!

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