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how to know your wedding venue is the one
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There’s no better feeling in the world!!!

You know, that feeling when your heart is constantly fluttering and you can’t wait till the next time you see him//her?

Now . . . Imagine that feeling with your wedding venue.


Choosing a wedding venue is a huge decision.  You don’t want to pick just any space–you want to pick something you are excited to see . . .  Something that takes your breath away every time you see it.  Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime day, and you  N E V E R  want to settle for less.

Today, we want to help you navigate how to know your wedding venue is the one.

We interviewed five SPRINGS brides who toured only one venue, and booked on the spot.  Below are their real life experiences on making this major wedding planning decision!

1.  Kayla Harris

how to know your venue is the one

Kayla booked THE SPRINGS in Rockwall, Poetry Hall, for June of 2018.


how to know your wedding venue is the one
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I knew THE SPRINGS was the one for a couple of reasons. First off, the location was just perfect–it is kind of an in between for both my family and my fiance’s family. Second, it is BEAUTIFUL. We love how the stone and dark wood just makes everything so cozy and elegant. It also really helped that when my fiance and I walked down to the ceremony site our song was playing. It was so perfect! I could envision our wedding day and knew we didn’t need to look anywhere else!

2.  Haley Frizzell

how to know your wedding venue is the one

Haley booked THE SPRINGS in Georgetown for May of 2019.

how to know your wedding venue is the one
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I knew before my fiance even proposed that THE SPRINGS in Georgetown was the right venue for us. I have always wanted an outdoor ceremony with a rustic theme, and this venue delivers that and so much more. I was the girlfriend that already had half of the wedding planned before we were even engaged, so I had my eye on THE SPRINGS for a while. It wasn’t long after he “popped the question” that I told him that we had to go tour this venue because I was dying to see it in person. We also noticed while touring THE SPRINGS that it seemed very familiar, and we realized that we had been to a college dance/banquet at THE SPRINGS in Edmond, Oklahoma a little over two years ago. That sealed the deal for us!

We chose to not tour other venues because after our research online, we couldn’t find any other venue in the Austin area that provided what THE SPRINGS provided, and no where else had the natural beauty that THE SPRINGS offered. My mind was made up before touring, and once we began the tour, my fiance said, “I can see us getting married here.” That was all I needed to hear.

THE SPRINGS just feels right, but it is also so beautiful. I can truly picture us getting married there on May 26, 2019 and sharing that day with our loved ones! I love the natural beauty that does not require much in the way of decorations, and I know that we will be able to get gorgeous pictures and be able to look back on them with a smile for years to come. I cannot wait for our wedding day to get here, and to marry my best friend!

3.  Vicky Sonekhiao

how to know your wedding venue is the one

Vicky booked THE SPRINGS in McKinney, Tuscany Hill, for October of 2018.

how to know your wedding venue is the one
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First off, I’m so happy to be part of THE SPRINGS family and can’t wait to have wedding photos and experiences to share with my fellow brides!

Yes, this is true–we booked THE SPRINGS Event Venue without looking at any other venues, and not only that, but just a week into our engagement!

I found pop-ups of the venue online and started looking into it myself. I immediately fell in love with the scenery, emailed the manager to set up an appointment, visited–and it hooked my fiancé and I on the spot!

We loved that we could have a ceremony and reception at the same location without the inconvenience of having our guests shuffling to and from unfamiliar places while we took pictures with the bridal party and family.

Being engaged is fresh to a newly engaged couple! You don’t know where to start, after being told, “You should do this and do that.” THE SPRINGS gave us the opportunity to breathe with, “Here’s a list of dimensions for the tables, here’s a list of vendors from floral all the way to the officiant, we allow this and that, etc…” To us, that is PERFECT. It gives us control to pick and choose, and gives a firm standing to parents and anyone else involved with the wedding day contributions what the couple desires instead of being thrown into a fiery pit of the unknown.

The biggest factor in choosing THE SPRINGS for us was not only the personnel being so friendly, but Tuscany Hill‘s immediate natural beauty, which will allow minimal decorating on our end, and a natural glow/shine during our special day.

4.  Amanda Moreno

how to know your wedding venue is the one

Amanda booked THE SPRINGS in Georgetown for October of 2018.

how to know your wedding venue is the one
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THE SPRINGS was the right venue for us because we fell in love with the grounds right away. Before we even booked a tour, my fiancé and I were both in awe of just the pictures from the website. The hill country picturesque outdoor ceremony, the beautiful wood work inside for the reception, and everything in between. We’ve always talked about what we would envision for our perfect wedding venue and THE SPRINGS checked everything on our list. What really sealed the deal for us was Rebecca, the manager. She was so helpful and so informative and able to answer any questions we had–and even questions we didn’t know we had. My fiance and I both agreed before even taking the tour, if we loved it in person as much as we did online, we would know it was the one. I’ve always wanted to get married outside in my favorite season (fall) and have the rustic charm that the ceremony offers, while enjoying the beauty of outside. Also, knowing that we could have the ceremony and reception at the same venue was a big help in our decision making. With multiple family members traveling in, we wanted to minimize the driving and capitalize on more time for fun! Another great thing about THE SPRINGS:  if inclement weather decides to show up on our wedding day, we don’t have to worry or stress because we have the reception hall as a back up ceremony hall. And as cliche as it sounds, my fiancé and I both knew it was “the one” the moment we stepped onto the property. We both had that gut feeling and felt an overwhelming excitement. While taking our tour and walking the grounds we were both envisioning our wedding. I could see myself getting ready in the bridal suite, him in the groom’s suite, myself in a beautiful white gown walking down the aisle, seeing him standing there. Imagining all of our family and friends dancing the night away inside the beautiful reception hall brought great joy to the both of us and made our decision so easy. We are so excited to make lifetime memories at a SPRINGS venue and enjoy the happiest day of our lives!

5.  Dylan McGowan

how to know your wedding venue is the one

Dylan booked THE SPRINGS in Denton, The Lodge, for November of 2017.

how to know your wedding venue is the one

I loved the atmosphere of THE SPRINGS. You get the best of both worlds when you have your wedding there; it has a very country yet elegant feel, and I love that!

My mom booked the venue without me even looking at it, so that was initially why we didn’t tour any other venues. I was very nervous about that at first, but after seeing the blueprint of what The Lodge would look like, I fell in love and knew that this was the place where we would get married. I fell in love with the glass window wall and the fireplace, along with the balcony overlooking the hills. The stone walls, amazing scenery, and being surrounded by trees was definitely the icing on the cake for my fiancé, who was wanting a little country feel to our wedding.

The biggest factor in helping me choose THE SPRINGS as my wedding venue was definitely the beauty of it all. THE SPRINGS really does think about all the details when building their venues. Another big factor was the friendliness of the employees. Kathy and her team are amazing to work with–very responsive and helpful with all my questions and concerns.

Finding “the one” isn’t hard–it’s something that happens so naturally that it is impossible to deny it!  We suggest you start looking at one of our locations.  We have plenty to choose from that might be just what you’re looking for!

how to know your wedding venue is the one

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