Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in the United States today is almost $26,500?

If you’re like most newly engaged couples, you’re probably thinking that that number is highly exaggerated; how can one day possibly cost that amount of money? You may not believe us when we say it’s definitely possible, but it won’t be long into the wedding planning process that you realize the truth.

How to Save on the Cost of Your Wedding

A lot of the time, brides and grooms-to-be are so focused on the bigger picture that they don’t realize how many small details go into making a wedding day complete.

As you sit down and begin to plan, you’re undoubtedly thinking about things like finding a quality wedding venue and hiring a catering company, DJ, Florist and Bakery. Not to mention, finding the perfect dress! We get it; these are some of the most important aspects to a wedding.

A major issue that a lot of couples face is that they spend so much of the budget on the aforementioned vendors that they completely forget about things like aisle liners, linens, centerpieces and accent décor. Trust us, that little stuff can really add up! So rather than spending way more than you originally planned or cutting out something that you were really looking forward to (such as a photo booth or caricature artist) why not exhaust all of your options? Make the dollar store your best friend, consider DIY projects, and buy used wedding items whenever possible.

BridalGarageSales.com has tons of great décor items to choose from at discounted prices.

Why not take advantage? After all, most of the items listed on this site were literally only used once and chances are, you will only use these products once. Plus with standard items like burlap and tulle, wooden coasters and tea light candles that can be resold again and again, you’ll have a chance to make back some of the money you spent once your wedding is over. Sweet deal, right?

You honestly have nothing to lose by simply checking it out. Visit BridalGarageSales.com today and see how you can save!

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