I Spy Wedding Game

How to Create an “I Spy” Wedding Game

I Spy Wedding Game

Here’s an “I Spy” Wedding Game for THE SPRINGS brides to download and print so they can keep their guests entertained!

The best part?  It’s totally free and will take you less than 9 minutes to do.

Trust me.  I’m not a graphics genius… you can totally do this!

  • Option 1 – you can skip the “creative” and just print the “I Spy” Wedding Game I made… or…
  • Option 2- Watch the 9-minute screencast video and follow along with me.  I’ll show you how to create your own “I Spy” Wedding Game with step-by-step instructions.  That way, you can customize with your own colors, font choices, and include your wedding hashtag.

Here’s the “I Spy” Wedding Game free printable – click to open the PDF.

I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
PRINTABLE | Click to open the PDF, click Print, Done!

To create your own “I Spy” Wedding Game, follow these instructions & watch the 9-minute tutorial video.

  • Create a free Canva account.
  • Use “Real Estate Flyer” as the template, or any 8.5 x 11″ design will do.
  • On the left column, click on “Elements”
  • Click on “Shapes” and find the heart outline (or other shape you’d like to use for “bullet points” / checklist icons)

I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable

  • Minimize the size of the heart – I made mine about 55 x 50
  • Placement of your first line – move the heart to about 115 x 210 on the page, but it’s not an exact science!

I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable

  • Click on the heart and Copy for each line you desire – I have 12 lines.
I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
Canva makes me look smarter than I am. It even has these line guides to help me keep text and graphics aligned. Sweet!
  • Add Text & Copy 12 times for each line.  Don’t worry about the size, alignment or font choice – that’s coming.
  • Add the Title by inserting a text box for “I” and “Spy”
  • On the left column, click on “search” and type in “camera icon” to insert the picture of the camera.
I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
While building your text boxes, don’t worry about alignment, font choices, or colors… it’s easier if you do it after you’re built your framework.
  • Optional:  Add your wedding hashtag line under the title.  Do you want guests to post on social media?  This will encourage them to do so and make the images easy for you to find after the wedding.  Or, just leave it off for now – you can always decide on this later.
  • TEXT LINES-  Now to update your text lines for guests to play “I Spy”.  Feel free to copy mine exactly or make up your own!
  • FONT SIZES- You can choose whatever sizes make you happy.  My line font sizes are all between 21 – 35, so do what feels and looks right to you.

FONT CHOICES – The sky’s the limit.  Here are the font choices I used:

TITLE: “I” – Antic, size 144

TITLE: “Spy” – Great Vibes, size 155

“my favorite decoration, how creative!” – Aleo Light

“artistic shot of the newlyweds!” – Blackboard

NOTE:  “Blackboard” is a font I uploaded to Canva myself through my subscription to Canva For Work) – if you have the free version, this font won’t be available, but I highly recommend Canva for Work if you’re creative and like graphics!  #ShamelessPlug… and nope, they’re not paying me to say so!  I just love Canva that much.

“someone holding hands” – Crafty Girls

“a smiling bridesmaid” – IM Fell English Small Caps

“most generations in one photo” – Euphoria Script

“a dance move… YES!” – Ribeye

“a group photo at my table” – Crushed

“the bride laughing” – Amatic Small

“someone wearing a tie in an unusual way!” – Aileron Thin

“a new friend I met at the wedding” – Oregano

“someone I hate to say “goodbye” to! – Satisfy

I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
Canva is easy, even for non-designers who think they aren’t creative! There are so many font choices available to make your design look really impressive for your wedding guests!
  • Color Choices!  Now you have the option to update and make things colorful.  Just highlight the text box or graphic you want to change and either choose a default color or insert your own hex code if you know it.  You can click the “+” symbol to find a custom color, too.
  • To stay neutral, I kept everything black, but you could always choose your wedding colors.
I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
Customize with your own Wedding Colors or just keep it Black & White
  • Now to save your design and download!
  • To title your design, click to the left of the “Share” button and type in your title.  I chose “THE SPRINGS – I Spy Wedding Game” but you can name it whatever you want.
  • Click on “Download” and choose a PDF for print.
  • Hint:  You can also share your design with a friend or your fiance to get input by clicking on “Options” at the bottom of the “Share” menu (next to Download).    The receiver will need to create a Canva account, too, and updates made automatically are saved to both versions (yours and theirs).  I didn’t show this in the video, but it’s helpful if you want to collaborate with someone else.
I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
You can also share your design with others if you want to collaborate!
  • You, savvy bride, are DONE!
  • Now you have a slick printable “I Spy” Wedding Game and it cost you nothing.  And, you did it in less than 9-minutes!  Woot!

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I Spy Wedding Game Free Printable
Once you save & download as a PDF, it’s easy to print! Done!

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Happy Wedding!

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Written by Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson

Audrey is our VP of Marketing at THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Manager at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has hosted hundreds of weddings.

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