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“If it rains on your wedding day, every time it rains for the rest of your life you will be blessed with a reminder of that special moment.”

Even though Jake + Brittani were planning on a gorgeous, outdoor ceremony, mother nature had a better plan.  Their indoor wedding ceremony was the definition of P E R F E C T I O N.

if it rains on your wedding day
Photographer: Hailey Faria Photography

What led up to this perfect day?  An adorable love story, of course!  We asked Jake + Brittani a few questions to see what led them to the altar that rainy day.


Jake and I met through the encouragement (and maybe pushing) of our mutual friend Stacy Wright, and (she’ll love that I’m admitting this) my mother. Stacy works with Jake and has known me since I was young. We met the summer of 2015, but the timing just wasn’t right.

June 2016 had me traveling to Newcastle (where he works) to pick up some FCCLA t-shirts (Jamie Cochran–thanks for being unable to pick them up!) where I saw his basketball state championship picture in the Queen of the Tees shop. I decided it was a “sign” and needed to contact him again. We went on our first date the next week and things just clicked. When you know, you know!

Our first date was June 17, 2016, at Texadelphia in Bricktown, followed by the movie “Finding Dory.” It was the best first date I had ever gone on. When we met, from the moment we said hi, it felt like I had known him my whole life.

if it rains on your wedding day


We got engaged December 17, 2016. Our friends Brooke and Nick came to Oklahoma City for a double date night of dinner and Christmas lights. We had dinner at Gabriella’s (delicious!!!) and then drove to the lights in Yukon, OK.

I honestly thought Jake was sick from dinner on the way to Yukon. He was really quiet, kept taking deep breaths, saying how hot it was. In case you didn’t know, December 17th was the coldest day in Oklahoma in the past three years, hitting a whopping 6 degrees that evening. There was no way he could be too warm! I asked several times if he wanted to go home, thinking he was sick. But, he insisted on seeing Christmas lights.

if it rains on your wedding day

We got to the lights and while driving around, he asked to take a picture. That should have been my first clue because he hates pictures! Since it felt like -20 degrees outside, I ran to the bridge, took the picture, and ran back to the car. Jake, along with Brooke and Nick, just stood at the bridge for a little bit, then slowly walked back to the car. It was cold! I wasn’t wasting time! Little did I know, Brooke and Nick were in on the proposal plan and I had just ruined it.

We eventually returned to my house and decided to watch “Christmas Vacation.” I went upstairs to change into my sweats and t-shirt to prep for the movie night. He came up my stairs as I was walking down and said he had to talk to me. I thought he was going home, since it was late, but he insisted he had to tell me how the night hadn’t gone as planned. I tried to tell him it was a great night and that I loved it! After a few failed attempts of (me talking over him) trying to make him see how I had enjoyed the night, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring that had been in his pocket all night, and asked if I would marry him–sweatpants, t-shirt, and all.

Brooke and Nick were downstairs waiting on us and we celebrated and called friends and family to share the news! It was the perfect evening for us and I love our story. Around 1 a.m., we decided we really needed some donuts, and made a trip to Hurts Donuts in Norman. Best decision! (Obviously after saying “yes” to Jake.)

if it rains on your wedding day

We announced to the girls he coaches in basketball at their Christmas party the next day, and made it social media official Sunday afternoon. It was the most fun and amazing weekend!


I bought her ring December 16th, the day before I proposed. I had been talking to her friend Brooke about choosing the perfect ring and making sure the night was going to be perfect. We went to dinner at Gabriella’s, where I had planned on proposing. However, they put us in this tiny room that barely fit all four of us and there was no way I could get down on one knee.

After we left dinner, I was trying to make a proposal plan B since my plans had completely changed! Brittani says I was acting nervous, but I don’t remember much about the drive there. I was focused!

I was planning on proposing on the bridge with all the Christmas lights, but when I reached for the ring, Brittani had already bolted back to the car because it was the coldest day of the year and she wasn’t having it. So, plan B was now gone.

At that point, I was completely thrown off and wasn’t even sure how I could propose, since nothing had gone as planned. Brittani went upstairs to change so we could all watch “Christmas Vacation,” and I just knew it was the right time. I went upstairs to tell her how things hadn’t gone as planned, and she wouldn’t stop talking! Finally, I had to tell her to just listen, and I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She never actually said yes! She nodded and started crying. I joke about how I’m not sure she really took me up on my offer since I didn’t get a definite yes. She did for sure say, “I will” at the wedding, though!

if it rains on your wedding day


if it rains on your wedding day


We absolutely fell in love with THE SPRINGS, even though it was still majorly under construction when we toured. We booked on December 20th and it wasn’t officially open until April! We loved the outdoor ceremony area, the beautiful limestone walls, all of the amazing amenities, and just how friendly Payton, the manager, was. We knew it would be the perfect backdrop to our special day. We had toured other venues, but they had split level facilities and we didn’t feel like they were very inviting to our guests. We loved the giant, open floor plan because we wanted our guests and family to feel 100% included on our special day.

if it rains on your wedding dayif it rains on your wedding day


We had a beautiful outdoor ceremony planned, but mother nature changed that! We are one of the lucky couples who gets to say it rained on their wedding day. I kept having people asking me if I wanted the ceremony to be inside or outside and finally I said, “I don’t care! I just want to get married!” I honestly meant that, because to me, the best moment was standing at the top of the staircase, waiting to walk down the aisle, and seeing Jake and his reaction to seeing me. I couldn’t wait for him to be my HUSBAND!

Seriously, that moment was the  S W E E T E S T!  Here’s their whole wedding video, but if you just want to watch that specific moment, go to 1:58.

Videographer:  Alumni Productions

One of our best memories is also exchanging letters and getting to hold each other’s hand before the ceremony. We chose to be traditional and not see each other before, so this moment really allowed us to connect before everything started. We both felt so reassured and much more calm after this!

if it rains on your wedding day

A funny memory was that one of the first things Jake said to me at the altar was, “My pants are falling down!” His tuxedo pants were too big and the string they had used to try and keep them up wasn’t working! It was the funniest thing and luckily we made it through the ceremony without any clothing malfunctions.

if it rains on your wedding day

We also loved our milk and cookies bar. We both love cookies, so we had a “we go together like milk and cookies” station for guests to enjoy before the cake cutting.

if it rains on your wedding dayif it rains on your wedding day

One part we loved was their bubble send off!

if it rains on your wedding day


Absolutely, 100% find a wedding coordinator! Angie from Borrowed Charm truly saved the day and made it so fabulous. She took the stress away and we were able to enjoy it.

if it rains on your wedding day

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, you’re married and 20 years from now, I’m sure guests aren’t going to remember if your napkins didn’t match the place setting as you had imagined. It all works out!

if it rains on your wedding day

My last piece of advice:  as fun as it is to look at Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, it can quickly get overwhelming! Don’t worry about making your wedding look like everyone else’s. Make it YOURS and make it all about the love you have for each other and combining your families. That’s what it’s all about!


(Not previously mentioned)

Bartender:  Amber’s Bartending Connection

if it rains on your wedding day

Hair:  Samantha Burt, POSH Salon

Makeup:  Virgie Mae

if it rains on your wedding day

Florist:  Neal & Jean’s Flowers

if it rains on your wedding day

Rentals//Linens:  Lexi’s Rentals

if it rains on your wedding day

Menswear:  Jim’s Formal Wear

if it rains on your wedding day

Bridal Gown:  J. J. Kelly Bridal

Flower Girl Dress:  JJ’s House

if it rains on your wedding day

Bridesmaid Dresses:  J. J. Kelly Bridal

if it rains on your wedding day


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