Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

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  • You are engaged!  You are searching for an outdoor wedding venue, but want to make sure that the one you pick has a great inclement weather plan.
  • You are planning an indoor ceremony and want to see what it looks like with various guest count sizes.  What are the options?
  • You are days away from your wedding, but the weather forecast has you in knots… don’t panic, this post is for you.

Indoor Ceremony

The wonderful thing about THE SPRINGS is the versatility- there’s always the option to have your ceremony indoors or outdoors with little to no decor change up.  Some only use the indoor option as a back-up weather plan.  Others plan an indoor ceremony from the start.

Will everyone be able to see the ceremony?

Yes!  With the open area concept inside the hall there are no pillars or obstructions so you most definitely can do the ceremony on the inside.

Will my guests be able to hear if we have an indoor ceremony?

Yes!  Since the venue has a built in sound system, the officiant can still be mic’ed.

When do I have to decide if we’ll be indoors or outdoors for the ceremony?

If you prefer to make the decision the morning or even later in the day of your wedding you can. THE SPRINGS does not manage your time line, so it’s your call.  Talk with your venue manager about the logistics of furniture set up and making that decision; she’ll help you with a plan.

How many chairs do I have at THE SPRINGS?

There are 640 chairs included with your rental; 320 white, padded chairs & 320 darker wood or resin chairs.

Where will the altar be?

Almost all of our brides choose the stage or just in front of the stage steps for the exchange of their vows.  For altar ideas, we’ll have an upcoming post with pictures, but for now you can peruse our facebook albums, pinterest boards and ask your venue manager for ideas.  Other options for the altar are the grand staircase, in front of the iron doors, or in the center of the dance floor with guests surrounding them.

What will the furniture configuration & room layout look like?

The options are limitless, but the chart & photos in the gallery below show the most common, which is in front or on the stage.  It can be tweaked based on your guest count (the one below is set up for 220 – 280 guests, depending on how many guests are seated at each table).

Keep these few things in mind:

  • Though each SPRINGS venue is unique in decor & architectural differences, the basic layout of the hall is identical
  • More tables can be added after the ceremony, so if you don’t want the room set up for both ceremony & reception at the same time, that’s okay!
  • You don’t need a ceremony chair for every guest.  Some guests can be seated at the table with a small, intimate ceremony set up for immediate family & friends.  This is quite common actually as you’ll see in the photo galleries below and works beautifully!
  • 8-10 guests can fit comfortably at each 60″ round reception table.
  • After the “I do’s”, the ceremony chairs are removed and now it’s a dance floor to celebrate!
  • The projector screen is mounted in the stage rafters and drops by remote, so the stage can be set up for your ceremony altar and then during pictures, your DJ can move in to entertain your guests with your slideshow & music.

The seating planner is a free tool that you can access here.  Ask your venue manager if you need assistance.

Ceremony Seats = 240 (120 on each side) | Reception Seats (if 8 guests per table) = 224 | Reception Seats (if 10 per table) = 280
Ceremony Seats = 240 (120 on each side) | Reception Seats (if 8 guests per table) = 224 | Reception Seats (if 10 per table) = 280

How might the room layout vary, other than the chart above?

A lot depends on your guest count, and where you choose for your alter to be located.  If you are caught with sudden bad weather & hadn’t planned for an indoor ceremony, rest assured that you always have an easy “Plan B”.  Nancy suggests to “go ahead and set up the room as if you were going to have the ceremony outside, and if weather does not permit you can have your guests sit at the reception tables for the ceremony.”

The tables can either be all around you for a ceremony in the center of the dance floor or set up in the back of the hall and along the sides with rows of ceremony seating in front of the stage.  “The reserved seating for parents, grandparents, etc, would be set up inside right in front of the stage creating an aisle between the two sides.  These few chairs can quickly be removed after the ceremony and that area then becomes your dance floor.  This option is very comfortable for your guests because everyone can see and hear and makes for an easy transition after the ceremony.”

I hadn’t planned on an indoor ceremony, but the weather forecast is bad & I’m panicked!  What should I do?

The manager at THE SPRINGS in Magnolia advises, “When it comes to the weather or any of the multitude of things that might go haywire on wedding day stay calm, rely on your experienced venue manager for advice,  and try to focus on what’s most important –  two people in love are starting a life together! The happiness that focus will bring (and your most excellent Springs venue manager) can get you through anything.”  Don’t panic, we’ve seen hundreds of indoor ceremonies and we’re here to help:  contact your venue manager, create a floor plan with the seating planner, and check out the photos below in the gallery for ideas.

Where is the ceremony aisle entrance?

The bride’s grand entrance for an indoor ceremony is the Grand Staircase.  Because of the hidden staircase that is at the back of the  bridal suite, you would make your way up the hidden staircase from the bridal dressing suite and make your entrance down the grand staircase into the ceremony.  Some choose to have both dad & bride come down together, while others have dad wait at the bottom of the staircase for the bride.

Gabriel Springs | Photo Credit: BPW Photography
THE SPRINGS in Georgetown | Photo Credit: BPW Photography

It truly makes for a grand entrance and all eyes are on you the bride!  Some choose to have their bridal party use the grand staircase as well, coming down two-by-two or in separate bridal party lines for the groomsmen & bridesmaids.  Others keep the staircase just for the bride’s entrance and have their bridal party enter from the dressing suite door or separate side doors at the back of the reception hall.  Whatever you choose, there’s no wrong way to do it.

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Written by Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson

Audrey is our VP of Marketing at THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Manager at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has hosted hundreds of weddings.

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