Kelsey & Colton | July 5 | THE SPRINGS | Denton, Texas

Kelsey knew early on that her wedding would be different, so it’s only natural that their theme was “keep marriage weird”.

Keep Marriage Weird
“Keep Marriage Weird” -Kelsey & Colton xo

One year later, they’re celebrating their one-year anniversary and we checked in to see how things are going.

Kelsey shared her regrets, reflections back on the big day, and advice with future SPRINGS brides.

Keep Marriage Weird
Kelsey & Colton were married on July 5, 2015 at THE SPRINGS in Denton, Texas

Kelsey, first of all…

Thanks for meeting with me for a Q&A blog post and of course, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

I love your wedding dress, so sparkly & sophisticated!

The rustic accents with the sunflower bouquets and your headpiece, the wooden tic-tac-toe game for the kiddos, and the simple centerpieces (sometimes, less is SO much more)!

Keep Marriage Weird

Sure my pleasure!

Our wedding was traditional, but also different in our own way.

We loved being able to have our wedding on a budget and still make it look beautiful –huge props to the venue for being so organically gorgeous.

We were able to avoid the stress and focus on each other, and I hope others can do the same with their future “big day”!

What was your favorite memory from the wedding day?

Our favorite memory was being surrounded by everyone we love and care about. Having your loved ones support you in such a momentous life-changing occasion is something we will never forget.

Keep Marriage Weird

Would you do anything differently? Any regrets?

We wouldn’t do anything differently.

If we had any regrets we would have maybe stayed at the wedding a little longer than we did, but really, our wedding was perfect.

We didn’t stress too much.

Keep Marriage Weird
Kelsey & Colton opted for an indoor ceremony to keep things simple. Beautiful!!

They were married indoors in the reception hall.  The wedding party gathered on the stage.  Kelsey was escorted down the grand staircase and through the tables filled with friends and families.  A lovely, intimate ceremony!

“Advice to all engaged couples:

Soak in the moment; the stress won’t last forever, but what you build on your wedding day will.”

Keep Marriage Weird
“It’s official!”
Keep Marriage Weird
Keep Marriage Weird & have a No-Stress Wedding. Oh-la-la!

In an effort to “keep marriage weird”, Kelsey & Colton decided to do something really unique:

Tell us about your choice to not hire any wedding vendors.

We actually didn’t use any vendors.

We did a potluck-style wedding, made all our own decor, and brought all our own cutlery.

We had friends help out a ton.

At the end of it all, we were UNDER budget!

That extra money was used on our honeymoon, and it was great!

Keep Marriage Weird Keep Marriage Weird Keep Marriage Weird

Was there anything about the day that we couldn’t tell by looking at the photos & videos?

Our wedding was extremely casual. Our theme of “keep marriage weird” represented us perfectly.

We just wanted people to come as they are and feel relaxed, welcomed, and loved.

Why did you choose THE SPRINGS as your venue?

We looked at several venues before THE SPRINGS.

We weren’t crazy picky, but we were young, on a budget, and wanted a place that wouldn’t provide complications or unneeded stress on our wedding day.

We knew THE SPRINGS was *the* venue from the moment we walked in.

Keep Marriage Weird

The staff was wonderful, the venue itself was beautiful, the package was easy.

Management was willing to work with us, and on the day of the wedding, everything went perfectly.

The venue itself is so beautiful, there wasn’t a need for anything excessive.

THE SPRINGS in Denton, Texas | Photo by Blackall Photography

We loved the location in Denton.

Thank you to THE SPRINGS.

Everything you did for us helped make the first day of the rest of our lives unforgettable.

Thanks for helping us put this post together, Kelsey!

Happy Anniversary!

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