Much like Liz over at Brazos Springs, our Gabriel Springs manager, Susan Pruitt also found love on the job.

Before making the move to Austin and joining The Springs Events family, Susan was attending the University of Arizona and working at a local Auto Zone when she met her now husband, Terry.

Meet Your Managers – Susan Pruitt | Gabriel SpringsAt the time, Terry was actually a combat controller and Korean Linguist in the military and had chosen to take up a second job at Auto Zone for the extra income.

It was there that Terry found himself succumbing to love at first sight with Susan.

So was the feeling mutual for Susan?

Not quite.

After working at the same store for three months without Susan giving much notice to Terry, he was transferred to another location. It wasn’t until fate stepped in and both Susan and Terry were randomly assigned to take inventory duty at a completely different store that sparks began to fly.

After recognizing Terry’s prominent goatee, Susan chose to speak up – she may have remembered his facial hair, but she hadn’t remembered him being so cute!

From there, the pair requested to work together as a team during the inventory process and according to Susan, the rest is history.

Though their first date may have consisted of sitting through what both would describe as a horrible movie, Susan claims that it didn’t matter – they simply wanted an excuse to be together. From there, her feelings for Terry only grew stronger, and she could tell he felt the same.

Susan and Terry tied the knot on May 27, 1995 in her parents’ backyard.

The affair was extremely intimate, with roughly 40 friends and family members in attendance – which was perfect in the bride’s eyes. Amongst the puffy eyes and tears of joy from both sides of the family, Susan remembers her wedding reception as just a relaxed, fun affair.

Her brother even kicked off the party by toasting to the idea of marriage as a 3-ring circus: first the engagement ring, then the wedding ring and finally, the suffeRing. That really got the party going!

“Honestly, everything could have gone wrong and I still would have had the best time,” says Susan. “What I remember the most is simply the pure joy I felt that day.”

So what advice does Susan have to share with you?

“Commitment; without two people fully committed to making a marriage work, whatever the circumstance, it’s doomed to fail. Put God first and yourself last.

And Listen, Listen, Listen; you’ll never regret something you never said.”

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, Susan. Stay tuned to read more from our Meet Your Managers series!

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