A non-Saturday wedding.  Is that really a “thing”?

Have you ever considered getting married on any other day except Saturday?

How about a Friday or a Sunday?  Or, even a weekday?

Is it “normal” to get married on any other day of the week except Saturday?


For today’s blog, we’re going to break it up into 3 parts:

1.)  Statistics from The Knot & from our real SPRINGS weddings

2.)  Real SPRINGS couples who chose a non-Saturday wedding & their experiences 

3.)  SPRINGS managers who chose a non-Saturday wedding themselves & their interviews

Statistics on non-Saturday Weddings

It’s a no-brainer that the most common day of the week to get married is on a Saturday.


Because, tradition!

That’s what we see in the movies.

My mom / friend / fiance insists it’s the *only* day that will work! 😉

According to The Knot’s most recent wedding trend press release, 70% of weddings happen on a Saturday.

non-Saturday weddings
The Knot | National Survey from 13,000 Couples


We have weddings just about every day of the week.

In fact, of the 1774 weddings we hosted last year, only 580 of them were on Saturdays.

67% of SPRINGS couples reserved a non-Saturday wedding in 2016.

Real Wedding Stats from THE SPRINGS in 2016

So, why get married on a non-Saturday?

Time for some Real Talk from our brides, from our SPRINGS Facebook group:

non-Saturday wedding

non-Saturday weddings

non-Saturday wedding

holiday weekend weddings

THE SPRINGS Guide: Choosing a Wedding Date

non-Saturday wedding

weekday wedding to save money
Our #1 tip to save money on your wedding: choose a non-Saturday.  Want 57 More Tips?

THE SPRINGS has a Wedding Budget Guide with 57 Tips to Save – the #1 way?  Choose a non-Saturday or off-season to save money on your wedding.

non-Saturday weddingnon-Saturday wedding

non-saturday wedding

non-Saturday wedding

non-Saturday wedding timeline
Consider slight adjustments to your timeline for non-Saturday weddings to make it successful!

THE SPRINGS offers a a Wedding Day Timeline Guide & other Wedding Planning Tools here.

non-Saturday wedding 6non-Saturday wedding 7

Do non-Saturday events really work?


Guests come, couples save money, and it’s a full-day celebration with all the bells and whistles of a Saturday, but with PERKS.

Non-Saturday Wedding Perks
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One of the common objections we hear is that more people can come on a Saturday.

Thing is, our couples tend to tour venues anywhere from 8-14 months in advance.

Some plan their wedding in just 3-6 months (which is also the average time frame for invitations to go out).

With enough notice to your guests, they’ll be there.

Real SPRINGS bride, Morgan, had the same question in our SPRINGS facebook group

Friday Wedding

Non-Saturday Weddings

non-Saturday wedding

Weekday Weddings

Weekday Weddings at THE SPRINGS
THE SPRINGS hosts weddings seven days a week!  They have locations in Texas & Oklahoma.

Friday Wedding

Weekday Weddings
No matter what day of the week you choose – THE SPRINGS only hosts one wedding per day, so it’s yours for a full day.

Sunday Weddings

So, what do the experts say?

And more importantly, do the PROs choose Non-Saturdays?


Why did our SPRINGS venue managers choose a non-Saturday wedding for themselves?

We interviewed five of our venue managers who chose a WEDNESDAY, a THURSDAY, a FRIDAY, and a SUNDAY.

Not only do they have years in the wedding industry, but many of them planned their own weddings.

non-Saturday weddings



Meet the manager from our Rockwall location, Nicole Nanyes.

non-saturday wedding

She chose to get married on a Wednesday.

Wednesday is one of the most uncommon days of the week to get married.

So why did she choose this date?

1.  Sentimental Reasons

Don’t shy away from a date that means a lot to you just because it does not conveniently land on a Saturday!

Embrace it–just as our manager Nicole did:

Eric and I had a whirlwind romance; meeting April 1, engaged May 1, and married June 1, 2011. This was not a first marriage for either of us and with both of us having children we couldn’t wait to unite our families. Of course, ours is my most favorite love story and we lived happily ever after!

We chose a Wednesday as our date to keep the theme of the 1st (and June 1 that year just happened to land on a Wednesday!).

I also really liked that it was on WED-nes-day. The day of the week dedicated to weddings!

non-Saturday wedding

2.  Pricing + Availability

We wanted to have a more intimate union. One, because of timing but mostly because we wanted just family and super close friends to attend. The price was perfect for an intimate wedding and we were able to book it on such short notice.

non-Saturday wedding

Was Nicole worried at all about having a Wednesday wedding?

We were a little nervous about choosing a weekday. Would it be hard for our family and friends? Would anyone come? We both learned that the people we wanted there the most were there. If they love you, they will be there. This is your day. Don’t stress too much trying to accommodate for everyone else.



As Nicole stated above, the people her and her husband most wanted there sacrificed in order to make it.  BUT, if you are still worried about your guests, here’s some advice:

Start your ceremony in the late evening so guests have time to arrive after work and rush hour (for example, hold a 7 p.m. ceremony).


Start your ceremony at 5 p.m.  Then your guests will be forced to leave work early, and will actually be on time!

Want another example of a weekday wedding?


Meet the manager from our Weatherford location, Nancy Vance.

non-Saturday weddings

She did not get married on a weekday, but her son did.

He chose to get married on a Thursday night.


non-Saturday wedding
Photo Credit: Rafael Serrano Photography

3.  Budget Restraints

Back in 2014, my husband was out of work and we were paying for our son’s wedding. Therefore, we had to be creative. In doing so, we chose a Thursday night, and we got a few discounts for choosing this night. During the planning process my husband gained employment and considered moving to another day, but decided to keep our Thursday night date.

In doing so, we still had a great turnout of 160 guests. This included guests from Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Houston. Would more guests have come if it had been on a Saturday? Possibly–however, at the end of the night I asked my son, “Were you happy with the turn out, or do you wish we would have done it on another night?”

His reply was, “I am glad we did it on a Thursday. The people that were here came because they truly wanted to be here, not because we made it convenient for them.”

non-Saturday wedding
Photo Credit: Rafael Serrano Photography



Let’s have some real talk here.  Yes, some of your guests may feel like the distance, date, or time of your wedding isn’t traditional.  As Nancy’s son said, the people that will show up to your wedding will be the ones who care more about you and your sweetheart than the inconveniences or the initial objections.  You can manipulate your ceremony time to be more convenient for your guests, but in the end, your wedding day is all about you + your future spouse–and the celebration of your new life together!


Meet the manager from our Katy location, Jessica Moore.

non-Saturday wedding
Photo Credit: Studio H-Town

A non-Saturday wedding also has price and “time” perks, too.

Here’s what Jessica had to say about her Friday wedding date:

4.  Weekend Trip

I loved that I did a Friday wedding. All of my guests were from out of town so I knew they were going to travel regardless of the day. People made a weekend out of it. On your wedding day you never feel like it’s a particular day of the week. It’s just your wedding day.

No matter how much I planned or how good I thought I was, I was still a bride at the end of it all. I still had nerves and stress, but it was all worth it when I walked down the aisle with the trees, birds, and the sound of the water feature to see my now husband. THE SPRINGS creates memorable moments just by the atmosphere and how the site is laid out.

It was everything I ever wanted.

non-Saturday wedding
Photo Credit: Studio H Town



Obviously Jessica loved that her family could come into town and make the weekend out of it.  BUT, one thing that many brides are concerned about is paying for all of their guests’ lodging for more than one night.  At many of our SPRINGS locations, we partner with nearby hotels that give our brides discounts on multiple-room rentals.  Additionally, some of those hotels even have shuttles that will take your guests to and from the wedding venue!  This in itself can save you loads of cash–and if it all is still too much, you can simply have your guests pay for their own lodging.  In most cases, this won’t be a problem at all, and not only will you save huge on your budget, but you’ll also see that the guests from out of state who do all they can to make it to your wedding genuinely care to support you (in person) on that special day.


Meet the assistant manager from our Weatherford location, Rylee Heckathorne.

Why choose a weekday wedding?
Rylee & Omar chose a Sunday at our new venue, The Lodge (still under construction)!

Rylee chose a Sunday wedding so that her out-of-town guests could make a weekend of the event.

I am getting married on a Sunday at THE SPRINGS because is there anything sweeter??

For us, picking a non-Saturday date was not necessarily about the money, although what a beautiful perk! My fiancé and I both have large families and the majority of mine is from out of state. We wanted to be able to spend Saturday with our families while they are in Texas and then celebrate with ALL of our favorite people on Sunday!

Also a SUNDAY wedding:

Meet the manager from our Angleton location, Liz Bihary.

Non-Saturday wedding

You could choose a Sunday wedding for any of the reasons above, but the reason Liz chose a Sunday wedding?

5.  Venue Availability

We got married on a Sunday because of the availability of the venue that we chose. Our situation was a little bit different because we lived in Alaska at the time and most of our family lived out of state, so no matter what day of the week we picked, a lot of them weren’t going to be able to make it. The family that did come up made a vacation out of it and were there for at least a week. Because of this, we didn’t go on our honeymoon until a week after our wedding to spend time with our family. Even though we got married on a Sunday, our guests showed up. I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding. It was perfect for us.

non-Saturday Weddings
Liz is the manager at THE SPRINGS in Angleton.



Real talk–it is never fun to find out the venue of your dreams doesn’t have the date you planned on (*exert huge sigh here*).  But the good news is, if you have to pick a non-Saturday wedding, picking a date around it, (like the Thursday, Friday or Sunday) really is a great option.  You can turn it into a “wedding weekend” and it really does work!  Don’t give up your dream wedding backdrop for a one-day difference!

When you go on venue tours, have a season in mind, but don’t confine yourself to a single date.  Be open to a non-Saturday wedding and ask the management about the perks at their venue for choosing a non-Saturday date.

Choose the venue first and pick a date based on venue availability, pricing, and the season that works best for you.

Here are all the PROS in one place to having a non-Saturday wedding–as told by our wonderful managers:

non-Saturday wedding
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So what do you think?

Is a non-Saturday wedding right for you?

We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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