All things considered, the greatest part about the whole wedding experience – after the vows, of course – is the honeymoon. At the ceremony and reception, you’ll be bombarded with friends and family members who want to congratulate you; there will be cameras and eyes on you all night. When your honeymoon rolls around however, it will be just the two of you – alone at last.

Packing for the Honeymoon | Amber SpringsSo with that exciting thought in mind, it can be easy to get carried away with the packing process. Check out these great tips for keeping organized and making sure that everything goes off without a hitch:

Don’t Put It Off – If you’re planning to leave for your honeymoon soon after the wedding, the last thing that you want to do is rush to get packed right before you leave. The longer you wait, the more stressed out you’ll become. Plan ahead and start a list of everything you need one week before your departure date.

Make Photocopies of Important Documents – This goes for passports, driver’s licenses/ID cards, credit cards, etc. Before you leave, make sure that two copies of each are made so that you have one to bring with you and one to leave behind. This way, if your wallet or purse gets lost or stolen, you’ll still have the important information that you need to get a replacement.

Don’t Pack Shoes You’ve Never Worn – This goes especially for the new bride. We know that you’re probably dying to wear those gorgeous new heels that you bought especially for your honeymoon, but try breaking them in well before you leave. The last thing you want is to miss out on something else you’ve planned because your feet are too sore and blistered to even put on normal shoes.

Leave the Travel Books at Home – If you’re planning to travel abroad for your honeymoon, you’ve probably bought a few guidebooks and language dictionaries. However, when it comes time to leave, forget them at home. You don’t need the extra weight when there are so many great apps and digital downloads available on your smartphone.

Label Your Luggage – There are so many horror stories about couples who lost their luggage because someone else from the same baggage claim carousel thought it was their own. Find some way to deter this from happening to you by marking your luggage with unique tags, a colorful bandana, etc.

Once you have yourself packed, organized and ready to go, it’s all smooth sailing until the day that you and your new spouse can jet off to your fairytale honeymoon!

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