Pros & Cons of First Looks

First Look- The Pros & Cons For the traditional bride, your first thought when it comes to having a First Look is probably along the lines of, “no way, not for me!” And that’s perfectly… Read more »

LOVE at First Sight

The following is the epic love story of Chrislord + Princess Lauren. Truly, love at first sight. *Story may be a tad bit exaggerated ;)* A big thank you to this couple for the following “real-life” fairytale!… Read more »

What Makes for the Best Wedding

Do you want to know what makes for the best weddings? When the bride and groom are not afraid to make everything about them. We often suggest Pinterest and other sites for inspiration–which we still… Read more »

To the Bride Planning a Spring Wedding

Okay ladies–how many of you saved the date for next March, April, May, or June? When it comes to wedding planning by season, we know we have to look ahead.  That’s why today we’re getting into the… Read more »

The Evolution of Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Evolution & Trends Throughout the Years   Are you planning a wedding & trying to decide what kind of cake you should have? It can be super stressful attempting to pick the right one out,… Read more »

This Bride Forgot Her Wedding Decor…

The wedding day was finally here, and Megan could not have been more excited.  As she was getting everything ready, her heart suddenly dropped–she had forgotten her custom-made wedding globe and wedding dress hanger. To… Read more »

What to Expect at Bridal Shows

What to Expect at a Bridal Show Bridal Shows, sometimes called Bridal Extravaganza’s, are very important events that take place in one location with a myriad of vendors. They’re extremely fun, filling, and most of… Read more »

It’s All in the Wedding Details

When you’re looking on Pinterest or Instagram, what makes all of the gorgeous wedding photos you look at really stand out? Having been in the wedding industry for seven years, we know what the best weddings… Read more »

Groom Tells All

Most of our blogs feature our beautiful brides, but today we thought it’d be even more special to hear from the groom. Meet Tyler + Frances. A gorgeous couple who share a true, lifelong love…. Read more »