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Today’s topic comes from something I learned from my own wedding last year…  And I thought you might want the advice.

You know how before your wedding you see all these exceptionally perfect photos on Pinterest?  And in your head, you replace everyone in the picture with you and your groom//bridal party//flower girl and you all of a sudden can’t wait to get that photo back from your photographer?

Come on, we all do it . . .

But really!  The problem for me was that I (for some reason) thought my photographer already had all of these photo op ideas inside her head, when really, she obviously only knew to take the pictures she usually takes for every wedding.

To be honest, I  L O V E D  my wedding photos, but wished that I had been more prepared.

By being more prepared, I mean that I wish I had written down a list of all of the specific shots I wanted–my photographer would have absolutely taken them for me if I had only remembered to tell her everything I envisioned for my wedding album!

Trust me.  WRITE THE IDEAS DOWN.  Your wedding day is so busy + full of bliss that remembering all the shots you want to get at the time they actually happen can be close to impossible!

So what ideas should you write down?  Below are eight photo ops for your wedding day that I think will make your wedding album just that much more exciting!

photo ops for wedding day


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: Wick Photography

This photo op is definitely one that you can’t just “wing” on the big day.  Let your photographer know you would love a pretty photo of your save the date–and make sure you bring it to the venue!  If you don’t care how it is set up, let your photographer work his/her creative magic and go to work.  You’ll love what they come up with using other details lying around while you’re getting ready.


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: Suzy Taylor Photography. See the rest of this wedding here.

Most photographers know that the first look with the groom is now a wedding staple, but a first look with your dad is something you’ll have to proactively tell your photographer you want to do.  This is something that needs to be planned out–make sure you have enough time before the ceremony!  Brides, these are photos you won’t want to forget shooting–these are the moments you will cherish forever.


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: Kristen Curette Photography

How sweet is this photo?  As beautiful as bridal parties look in color-coordinated lines, don’t you really want to capture your bridal party with their unique personalities?  These are the photos I think we’ll look back on and smile when we tell the kids one day who so-and-so was.  Sometimes in the rush of the day photographers may forget to take a fun photo like this–so before you move on to the next portrait, make sure to ask for a little candid moment of your bridal party.


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: Emily Nicole Photo

photo ops for wedding day

Although this seems like a private moment, it is one that many brides are happy they have photos of later on.  Make sure to invite the photographer to take photos so he/she doesn’t feel awkward or in the way–the photographer can also leave after the first few initial moments to let you two have some alone time.  These sweet photos are some of my favorites!


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: Kristen Curette Photography

Getting a close up of just the wedding rings is not only a beautiful shot, but a great opportunity to have a good quality photo of your rings while they are still fairly new.  Let your photographer have some fun with it–don’t worry, I know it feels weird to take your ring off, but it will be worth it!


photo ops for wedding day
Photo Credit: Kim Skiles with f8 Studio

Before the first look, there’s nothing that will get your heart racing like the first touch of the wedding day.  Holding hands with your groom without actually seeing him comes with all the butterflies!  This photo is a visual representation of the connection between a bride + groom, and probably one of the most intimate moments of the wedding day.


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: Kristen Curette Photography

A photo that a lot of brides miss out on is showing off their wedding dress flow.  Isn’t this photo darling?  Even if your dress style isn’t as loose as our bride Jenna’s, picking your dress up and twirling around makes for some beautiful shots.  And if you do it all on your own, it’s a plus for your photographer!


photo ops for wedding day
Photo credit: C Baron Photography

At the end of it all, make sure to have one last kiss before you jump into your farewell vehicle.  You will be surprised how many brides and grooms just run between everyone, get into the car, and take off–but this last, epic kiss is always a great shot!

Of course, there are tons of other great photo ops that you can add to your list, but these photos are just a start.  Go through your Pinterest and start writing the ideas down!  That way, your photographer will know exactly what you want to see when you get an email with your wedding photos all ready to download.  *SO EXCITING BY THE WAY*

Let us know what photo op you are FOR SURE taking on your wedding day in the comments below!


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