photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Bradford Martens Photography | THE SPRINGS in Rockwall

For the final post in our photography series, I called upon the experts to tell us –

If you could give brides one piece of photography advice, what would it be?

But before I give up the mic, I wanted to tell you my wedding photography advice.  A bonus, if you will.

Stay away from Craigslist photographers.  Just say no.

Your friend is probably a great photographer, really.  But, is your friendship worth risking it?  Trust a pro.  Save a friend.

What happens at a wedding, stays on facebook.

Pinterest is inspirational, not biblical.  You don’t have to do everything it says.

And, finally, these photographers are wonderful.  If this was MySpace, they’d be my top 8.  Thank you photographer friends for taking the time to give us your final 8 tips & for participating in our photography series.

pro tip #1 - use this oneSend guests to prep for the grand exit & enjoy the last dance in private, just the two of you.

From Lisa at C. Baron Photography:  “A trend that started gaining a bit of momentum last year was the couple’s last dance alone – sending guests outside to get ready for the leave and allowing the couple to enjoy those last few minutes, soaking it all in.”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: C. Baron Photography | Enjoy the last dance in private!


pro tip #2Consider asking your guests to power off for the ceremony.  Use a cute sign or make an announcement before the processional.

From Kelly at Blackall Photography:  “It’s so sad to me when guests jump in the aisle or worse, on the alter (yes that happens) to get a shot that’s at best grainy and pixelated to share on Facebook. It can absolutely ruin a photograph that bride & groom could have had from a professional photographer.”

From Lisa at Lisa on Location:  My favorite sign for requesting guests to put away their phones was this:  “We’ve hired excellent photographers to capture how our wedding looks. We want you to put away your phones and cameras and experience how it feels.”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Blackall Photography | Invite guests to enjoy the ceremony.


pro tip #3You may consider keeping the pre-ceremony drinking to a minimum.

From Lisa at C. Baron Photography:  “Partying a little too much before the reception is not the best idea.  We get it – it’s definitely a time for celebration – except when it gets a bit out of hand! Nothing like red eyes, the inability to line up or to actually focus on what’s happening to ruin many of your ceremony and bridal party photos.  We love a great glass of champagne just like anyone else, but try to save the real partying for the reception!  You’ll be glad you did!   The day will go a bit more smoothly and your images will be even more amazing!”

photography tips from the pros
Don’t start the celebration early, those photographs last forever!


pro tip #4Do you like your photographer?  On your wedding day, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time together, so personality & a friendly connection matter.

From Chrystina at Straughan Photography:  “When you choose your photographer, consider: style, personality, deliverables and price.  You will be spending several months before the wedding with him or her during the engagement, bridal, and boudoir sittings. You must trust them to create the images you will have for a lifetime.”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Straughan Photography | You’ll be spending a lot of time together – it’s important to like your photographer!


pro tip #5Ask about the photographer’s equipment & how many staff members will be there on your wedding day.

From Ryan at Ryan O’Dowd Photography:  “There is a lot to capture on that walk down the aisle. It is important to have 2 photographers to capture it from multiple angles as well as a photographer who has backup equipment. You never know when a camera shutter or memory card will go out. Having 2 cameras on hand will prevent this from being a problem.”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Ryan O’Dowd Photography | Ask about equipment & staff for your wedding day.


pro tip #6Ask your photographer for timeline advice & be conscious about the sunset time.

From Kelly at Blackall Photography:  “Make sure you consult with your photographer when you start planning your timeline-there are so many great little spots that are perfect at certain times of the day at THE SPRINGS and natural light makes ALL the difference!”

From Derek at Moments & Milestones:  “Timing is everything. And lighting is everything there; it can work completely against you or completely for you. When the light is right, all outdoor areas of the venue become accessible. I would advise them to wait to shoot romantics/family formals, or even the ceremony later when the sun is going down; depending on what is important to them. And to also consider what part of the year they are having their wedding to account for that timing.”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Moments & Milestones | Talk to your photographer about your timeline.


pro tip #7From Derek at Moments & Milestones:  “People are easier to shoot when they are confident in their photographer.  It is completely obvious when you look at pictures and you see that the photographer had zero relationship with the couple or connection to their vision.  And if the client is also connected with the photographer, then they will reciprocate with confidence and poise to garner natural, candid, personality-driven images.  In short, do everything you can to make sure your photographer knows what separates you, your style and your personality from the event they shot last weekend.”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Moments & Milestones | Be confident & trust your photographer!


pro tip #8From Ryan at Ryan O’Dowd Photography:  “Make sure to schedule in 15-20 minutes after the ceremony for pictures of just the two of you. Those are the pictures that you will want the least on the day of the wedding because you are tired of taking pictures & are worried that the guest have been waiting too long…but ironically those are the pictures you will want the most when it comes time for the album and printing pictures. Your guests will not mind waiting a few more minutes…and those few more minutes will help you get the pictures that you will treasure the most. Those 15 minutes are invaluable…don’t skip it!”

photography tips from the pros
Photo Credit: Lisa on Location | Take time to get candid couple photos between the ceremony & reception.

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Audrey Nelson

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