May 29, 2015 marked one of the most elegant, classy, and beautiful weddings we have ever had here at Boulder Springs.  Legacy Hall is gorgeous, but Meghan and Robbie East brought their own touch that made it look stunning.  No detail was missed at this amazing wedding!


The elegance of the wedding came from the rustic theme that filled the room, along with the classy and beautiful couple.  Pictures of the Easts were placed all over the hall, along with gorgeous champagne-colored décor.  Each table had a different centerpiece, accompanied by bouquets in unique vases.  As guests approached the beautiful iron doors, they didn’t sign a guest book, but rather their own personal postcard for the couple.  Perfect for their rustic theme!  One of our favorite decorations was the EAST block letters they had made.  The family went to a flea market and used old books to make this unique and adorable decoration.  The attention to detail was immaculate.  We couldn’t get enough of this wedding!


With about 280 guests, this wedding was truly a grand celebration.  The couple was definitely loved by many family and friends.  The guests were treated with Heavenly Gourmet catering, non-alcoholic drinks including delicious lemonade, and Daquari DJ services.  The day could not have been more perfect!


For more pictures of the East wedding, please search the hashtag:  #LetsFeastWithTheEasts.


We were so honored to host Robbie and Meghan’s wedding!  Meghan looked stunning and shone the whole day.  It really was an amazing beginning to an incredible life together.  Thank you so much for choosing Boulder Springs!


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