On November 6, 2014, Brittany Cady’s wedding to Matthew Henderson was quite a whirlwind.

However, though it seemed like Mother Nature was doing her best to fight against Brittany, she managed to stay cool as can be, despite the fact that Wednesday’s rainfall extended well into Thursday – the day of the wedding.

You see, most couples who book their wedding at Brazos Springs want to have their ceremony outside, and the Henderson’s were no exception. Just when we thought there would be little hope for a dry wedding, the rain finally let up at 2pm – a mere 2 hours before the couple’s 4p.m. wedding. Thankfully, the bride and groom’s catering company, Tastefully Yours, rushed to help put the chairs out so that their dream outdoor wedding could become a reality. However, that wouldn’t be the couple’s only roadblock.

At around 3p.m. there was a large power outage.

When we went in and talked to Brittany, rather than panicking and showing any sign of concern, she remained composed and pointed out that at least it wasn’t raining.

We had just hooked up the generator to power the outside sound system so that they could have their ceremony while it was still light out for pictures when, thankfully, the power came on around 4p.m. just before the bride walked down the aisle. When the guests came in from the ceremony, they were in awe over how beautiful everything looked; they didn’t even know we had a power outage. They thought we did it on purpose to get everyone to go outside for the ceremony. Brittany stayed calm the entire day no matter what Mother Nature threw at her and ended up having the outdoor wedding of her dreams!

After they were announced at their reception, Brittany and Matthew lit candles at the memorial table to honor their loved ones that are no longer with us. A beautiful tribute before the fun really began.

Brittany and Matthew had a lot of fun things for their guests to do. For starters, they had everyone sign a board for their guestbook, which they plan to shellac and hang in their house. Guests were also asked to leave suggested recipes in a designated recipe box, date night ideas on Popsicle sticks, and a few wedding prayers and wishes as well. Lastly, one of our favorites was the idea to have a little game of “I Spy” where the guests needed to take pictures of certain things. Such a great way to get a variety of amazing pictures!

So glad that this day turned out to be as beautiful as it was, and that we here at Brazos Springs could be a part of it all!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Henderson!

Written by THE SPRINGS


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